Is the modern Greek language the same as the ancient Greek language?

There are two forms of modern Greek; one is the language spoken by Greeks everyday, the other is a more "formal" Greek, still used for formal occasions, which is closer to ancient Greek - although not the same.

So no, neither forms of modern Greek is the same as ancient Greek.


I' m afraid i have to correct you, my friend. This doesn't occure anymore in Greece. It used to happen too many years before, but not now. Modern Greek is one language and it' s the language that modern Greeks speak and write either in formal or informal occasions.

Now to answer to the main question, i have to say that the ancient Greek language have changed so much during the centuries that a modern Greek have to study it in order to understand it. Of course, one can read it and understand many words, but in order to conceive the exact meaning of the ancient texts, some studies are needed.