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More black than gray, actually; the albedo of the Moon, its reflectivity, is about 0.04, which is about the same as coal.

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Why is the moon gray?

the moon is gray because the color of the moon sand is gray.

Why is your moon gray?

the moon is gray because all the spasce astrouds dust rubbed off and gatherd to and on the moon

What is the color of the moon an the star?

the color of the moon is gray

What Colors are the moon?

white and gray.

What is the dark gray spots on the moon?

the dark gray spot is a giant crater from an asteroid.

When did actress Dulcie Gray die?

on the moon

What color is Moon-Stone?


How did the gray spots on the moon get there?

by craters in space

Is the gray moon the yellow sun?


How do you get married with gray harvest moon back to nature?

You can't marry Gray in Harvest Moon: Back to Nature. Unless you mean Harvest Moon: Back to Nature for Girls. You can marry Gray in that game. All you have to do is get him to s Red Heart and see all of his Heart Events.

What color is Pluto's moon Charon?

Neutral gray.

What is the color of earth's moon?

The color of the moon is gray. This is due to the "dirt" up there called regolith.

What color is the earth moon?

The moon is generally a dark gray, but it looks silver when it is illuminated by the sun.

How would you describe the gray wolf?

It is obviously gray. And it is very dangerous. It is the only wolf that howls on the full moon.

How come the moon is white?

The moon isn't actually white. It is gray. I figured that out using my noggin and because I am a smart fourth grader who is 9. But, the moon might change it's gray color to a different color in 10,000 years.The moon is not white it is gray the reason it looks white is because the sun is reflecting its rays off the moon which bounces off and gives us the silvery moonlight at night.

What does it look like moon?

It looks gray and bumpy (with its moons)...

When is birthday of gray in harvest moon boy and girl?


What color is the moon?

The moon is gray, but it can appear different from earth. The surface is covered in rocks and dust. Atmospheric conditions, reflections, or positioning can give the moon the appearance of being red, blue, yellow, or other hues. This is only an appearance though. The color of the moon itself remains gray.

Is the sun blue and the moon red?

No. The Sun is white (with a slight yellow-green bias), and the moon is charcoal gray.

The layer of gray debris that covers the moon is called?

Lunar Regolith

Is all Neptune's moon gray?

i beleve neptune is green and red

What is a good name for the Webkinz gray wolf?

a good name is moon

What is the appearance of the moon during a new moon phase?

The moon is basically black, but occasionally you can see a dark gray circle against the black sky.

How does the moon turn gray?

Because of the fine dust that covers its surface. The dust comes from the many impacts of the objects that have battered the moon during its history. It is gray because of the lack of water and organic compounds.

What color is Jupiter's moon Ganymede?

Ganymede has two types of terrain so it is about 60% light gray and 40% darker gray.

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