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Is the moon smaller than mercury or mars?

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mars is obviously larger than our moon not Mercury

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Mars is bigger than Mercury. Mars is almost the same size as the Earth. Mercury is slightly bigger than our Moon.

Both Earth's moon and Mercury are larger than Pluto yet smaller than Mars.

Mercury is smaller than Mars.

No, Mars is much larger than Earth's moon.

Mercury is almost the same size as the Moon. The Moon is smaller than Earth. Mercury is then smaller than Earth.

Mercury is larger than the Moon - but not by much.(Radius)Mercury: 2440 kmThe Moon: 1737 km

Mars and Venus are both smaller than Earth but larger than Mercury

Both Venus and Mars are smaller than Earth but larger than Mercury.

Mercury is smaller than Titan, but Titan is a moon, not a planet.

Mercury is smaller than Mars. While Mars has two moons orbiting it, Mercury has none. Mercury has a hotter surface temperature than Mars due to the fact that it is closer to the Sun.

No, Charon is not larger than Mercury. Its smaller than Pluto, and Pluto is smaller than Mercury.

While Mercury is denser than Mars it is also smaller, making it less massive.

Mars is tremendously farther away from the Earth than the moon is.

No. Mercury is the smallest planet.

Mercury, Venus, and Mars have a smaller mass than Earth.

Mercury and Mars are the only planets smaller than Venus.

Mercury is around 4880km in diameter, while Mars is 6800km in diameter, so Mars is larger, but only the second largest planet after Mercury.

Mars is smaller than every planet in our solar system except Mercury. Pluto was classified as a dwarf planet in 2006.

Titan is a moon of Saturn, not Neptune. Titan is larger than Mercury. Triton, the largest moon of Neptune, is smaller than Mercury.

No Triton is smaller than Mercury but it is bigger than Pluto

Three planets have diameters smaller than Earth's: Mercury, Venus, and Mars.

Yes, Mercury is bigger than Earth's Moon (about 2.8 times in volume). Mercury is smaller than Ganymede (moon of Jupiter) or Titan (moon of Saturn) but it is considerably more massive than either of them.

Mercury, Mars, and Venus are all smaller than Earth.

No. It is smaller than all of these.

Deimos is smaller than Phobos

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