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Yes, the moon is sometimes visible during the daytime.

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Is a full moon visible during the day?

The full moon is visible shortly before sunrise; as the moon wanes it's visible during more hours of the day.

Why is the Moon only visable at night?

The moon is visible during the day but it is most visible at night and early morning, but it is somtimes visible throughout the day.

Why is the moon not visible during the day?

The moon is visible during the day, depending on its phase and when the moon rises. The moon rises about 50 minutes later each day, so that will also affect when during the day the moon is visible. The moon's gossamer appearance during the day is due to the effects of earth's atmosphere that scatters the sun's light before it reaches our eyes, not the brightness of the sun.

Is there a term for seeing the moon during the day time?

Not that I have heard. The moon is visible during the day as much as it is visible at night, clouds and weather permitting of course.

What is it called when the moon is visible during the day?

still called a moon

Why moon is not visible during day?

because the moon is behined the earth

What phase of the moon is most visible during the day?

Full Moon, of course.

Why can not we see the moon in the day?

We CAN see the moon during the day. For the first two weeks after a new moon, the moon is visible in the daytime sky.

When was the moon visible during the day in Chicago in 1950 and what phase was it in?

During the entire year of 1950, the Moon was certainly visible during the day during parts of it. Over the course of a year, the Moon goes through all of its phases 12 1/2 times.

Which phases of the moon are visible during the day?

Any phase of the Moon except the new (when the Moon isn't visible at all) and the full (when the Moon is only visible at night) can be seen during some part of the day.IN fact, there is a rare combination when the full moon is visible at noon. In polar areas when the Sun is visible continuously, it is sometimes possible to see the full moon on one side of horizon, and the Sun on the other.

What is the name of the moon visible in the day sky?

Whether you see it during the day or at night, it is still called "the Moon".

What phases of the moon would you most likely see during the day?

The only phase of the moon that cannot be seen during the day is the new moon, which cannot be seen at night either. The other seven phases are sometimes visible during the day. A full moon, waxing gibbous, and waning gibbous are most visible, because of their size.

Does the moon come out in daylight?

Yes. At times the moon is visible in the day, at times in the night and at times during parts of both day and night.

When is there no visible moon?

during a new moon

During a what is the moon not visible?

New moon.

Is the full moon visible in the western sky in the morning?

The full moon is visible in the western sky in the morning on the day after full moon night of the month. During other days this visibility is variable.

Why is the moon sometimes visible during the daytime?

because the sun is shinning on the moon which makes the moon visible

Is it good or bad luck to see the moon during the day?

You are likely to see the moon during part of the day most of the month. The only time it is not visible anytime during the day is right around the full moon. You must have a whole lot of bad luck.

Why is the moon not visible during the new moon phase?


Why is the moon visible from earth during a full moon?

It is visible because the earth has moved around its axis enough so the moon is visible. Was that your question?

Is the moon always in the night time sky?

No. The Moon is visible about half of the time, just as the Sun is. Sometimes the Moon is visible at night; sometimes during the day. The moon has a daily cycle of roughly 25 hours, so the positioning of the moon will differ, depending on the day. This cycle difference also determines what phase the moon will be in.

What do you see during a day?

The Sun is usually visible during the day. The moon is pretty unmissable on those days when both are in the sky. Venus and Jupiter are often visible during early morning and late evening, when the sky is a little darker.

Compare and contrast the Sun and the Moon?

Both the sun and the moon are round when seen with the naked eye. They are also both forms of light that are in the sky. The sun is visible during the day how the moon is usually only visible at night.

How does the moon stay out in the day?

The Moon is visible almost every day, except at the new moon (when it is too close to the Sun to be visible) and at the full moon, when the Moon is almost exactly on the opposite side of the Earth from the Sun.HOW is it visible? The Moon is big, and the Sun shining on the Moon is bright; so even against the blue background of the sky, the Moon is often visible.

During which phase of the moon is the moon not visible?

Immediately before New Moon.

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