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"A League of Their Own" is indeed based on the true story. The reason they were playing Baseball was because World War II was going on at the time and many players were overseas as part of the military. The Major League product was suffering and the minor league product was devestated by those serving in the armed forces....

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In what movie does an exasperated manager yell at one of his players there's no crying in baseball?

A League of Their OwnThe 1992 film was callled "A League of Their Own" The movie is based on the real life All American Girls Professional Baseball League.

What was jummie foxx's role with the league of the girls baseball?

Foxx, one of the first players to hit 500 career home runs, managed the Fort Wayne Daisies of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League in 1952. The Tom Hanks character in the 1990 movie "A League of Their Own" -- ("There's no crying in baseball!!!) -- was loosely based on Foxx.

What events was the movie the stranger based on?

The movie is loosely based on the Manson Murders, playing upon the idea of random violence, "just because".

Who said there is no crying in baseball?

The Tom Hanks character in the movie A League of Their Own.

What is the name of the movie about john Holmes?

Boogie Nights is loosely based on John Holmes but the movie actually based on him is Wonderland with Val Kilmer playing Holmes.

What book was the movie 'Invictus' based on?

The movie 'Invictus' was based on the book: Playing the Enemy: Nelson Mandela and the Game That Changed a Nation, by John Carlin

What was the name of the baseball team in a leaque of their own?

Rockford PeachersThe movie "A League of their own" was about the Rockford Peaches, a team that played in the AAGPL. (All American Girls Professional Baseball League)

Where can you but the jobu doll from the movie major league?

The Jobu doll from the movie, "Major League" is a collector's item that can be found on Ebay. There are currently 2 Jobu dolls listed under baseball memorabilia.

What movie did Charlie Sheen play where he was a baseball pitcher?

I believe it was a comedy called Major League.

What baseball team was the movie 8 men out based on?

The movie Eight Men Out was based on the 1919 Chicago White Sox -- sometimes referred to as Black Sox for that season.

What are the gross earnings for the movie A League of Their Own?

The 1992 baseball comedy grossed $107 million in the US.

Who was dotty?

In the movie A League Of Their Own, Dotty was the catcher that the movie focused on. She was an amazing athlete and played baseball. I have met the "real" Dotty, the actual person that the character in the movie was based on and she is an amazing woman. She is very old now, if she is still alive, but she is still lively and wants to be a part of youth sports today and my grandma.

Why isn't Woman's Major League Baseball?

well ill tell you one thing they had a major league baseball of some sort, but it only lasted 1943 to 1954. Whoa 11 years who knew. I watched this movie very heartwarming '' a league of their own'' watch this movie and i can assure you your answer will be asked. I'm a fellow softball player because they don't allow girls in baseball for issues to be worse and i will support every woman that thinks this is wrong. Their is no reason why women can not start a woman's baseball league.

Inspired by fast Eddie parkerThe hustler is a movie based on what activity?

Answer: playing pool for money(gambling/hustling).

What movie is cod black ops based on?

The Video game is not based on a movie and there is not a movie coming out based on the game

What tribe was the Apocalypto movie based on?

The movie was based on the Aztec tribe.

Who was the first African American to play baseball in the American League?

Larry Doby of the Cleveland Indians was the first African American to play in the American League. Jackie Robinson was the first African American to play in the National League, Brooklyn Dodgers. In addition, Jackie Robinson get a lot of racist criticism because of his colour and different etnicity. He wore number "42". He played as Second Base. By the way, in 2013, a movie named by his number "42" were released. The movie tell us about a true story of an African American playing in American baseball and get a lot of criticm (some of them are death threats).

How did marely die not based on the movie in real life?

he got toe cancer playing foot ball, and yes you are fat it is true

What year was the movie Major League released?

The movie called "Major League" was released in the year of 1989. The specific release date of the movie called "Major League" is April 17th of the year 1989.

Is the series crash based on the movie crash?

No, the movie was based on the T.V. show

Which animated movie is based on places?

The animated movie that is based on places is Planes.

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