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No, all salamanders are indeed strictly carnivores

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Q: Is the mudpuppy salamander a herbivore?
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What animal origin is a mudpuppy?

It is a lizard/salamander.

What is an aquatic salamander with red feathery gills?


What are some amphibians that begin with the letter M?

Marbled SalamanderMudpuppy

Is a mudpuppy salamander a reptile?

No. Like all salamanders, mudpuppies are amphibians.

What types of salamanders live in the US?

Tiger salamanderEastern Red-backed salamanderBlue-spotted salamanderEastern NewtMudpuppyFour-toed salamander

Is a salamander a herbivore? it is not. they are more omnivorous-carnivorous. depending on the age of the salamander and species.

Is a mudpuppy a herbivore or a carnivore?

Mudpuppies are carnivores. They feed on worms, insects, crustaceans, fish, etc.

What is a adult salamander herbivore omnivore carnivore?


Is a salamander is a carnivore or herbivore or an omnivore?

Salamanders are carnivorous.

Is a salamander a carnivore a herbivore or a omnivore?

Salamanders are carnivorous.

Is there such thing as a mud puppy?

There is a mudpuppy but is one word. It is sort of like a salamander. If you want to learn more I would go on the DNR page and search it there.

How many types of salamanders are there?

Salamander SpeciesSalamanders are from the order Caudata. The order is further broken down into the following:Ambystomatidae: Mole salamanders Eastern Tiger SalamanderFlatwoods Salamander (protected)Marbled SalamanderMole SalamanderSmallmouth SalamanderSpotted SalamanderAmphiumidae: Amphiumas One-Toed AmphiumaTwo-Toed AmphiumaThree-Toed AmphiumaCryptobranchidae: Giant salamanders Eastern Hellbender Salamander (protected)Plethodontidae: Woodland or Lungless salamanders Apalachicola SalamanderBrown-backed SalamanderCave SalamanderDusky SalamanderDwarf SalamanderEastern Zigzag SalamanderFour-Toed SalamanderGreen Salamander (protected)Gulf Coast Mud SalamanderLong-Tailed SalamanderMountain Dusky SalamanderRed SalamanderRed Hills SalamanderSeal Salamander (protected)Seepage SalamanderSlimy SalamanderSouthern Dusky SalamanderSouthern Redback SalamanderSouthern Two-Lined SalamanderTennessee Cave SalamanderWebster's SalamanderProteidae: Mudpuppies and Waterdogs Alabama WaterdogBlack Warrior WaterdogMudpuppySalamandridae: Newts Eastern newtsSirenidae: Sirems Greater SirenLesser Siren

Is a tiger salamander a herbivore?

No. They can be as tadpoles, but after they've matured, they are carnivores that feed on small things like worms and insects.

Is a blue spotted salamander a herbivore?

No it is a carnivore and eats worms, snails, slugs, insects, centipedes, spiders and other invertebrates.

Is a Mudpuppy warm or coldblooded?


What are 5 types of amphibians?

American BullfrogAmerican ToadBarking TreefrogBird-voiced TreefrogCalifornia TreefrogCane ToadCliff Chirping FrogColorado River ToadColumbia Spotted FrogCouch's SpadefootEastern Narrow-mouthed ToadEastern SpadefootFoothill Yellow-legged FrogGray TreefrogGreat Basin SpadefootGreat Plains ToadGreen FrogGreen ToadGreen TreefrogGreenhouse FrogMountain Yellow-legged FrogNorthern Cricket FrogNorthern Leopard FrogOak ToadOrnate Chorus FrogPacific TreefrogPine Woods TreefrogPlains SpadefootRed-legged FrogRed-spotted ToadSouthern Leopard FrogSouthern ToadSpring PeeperSquirrel TreefrogTailed FrogTexas ToadWestern SpadefootWestern ToadWood FrogWoodhouse's ToadArboreal SalamanderCalifornia Giant SalamanderCalifornia NewtCalifornia Slender SalamanderDunn's SalamanderDwarf WaterdogEastern NewtEastern Red-backed SalamanderEnsatinaFour-toed SalamanderGreater SirenGreen SalamanderGrotto SalamanderHellbenderLarch Mountain SalamanderLesser SirenLong-tailed SalamanderLong-toed SalamanderMarbled SalamanderMole SalamanderMount Lyell SalamanderMud SalamanderMudpuppyNorthern Dusky SalamanderNorthern Slimy SalamanderPygmy SalamanderRed SalamanderRed-bellied NewtRough-skinned NewtSeal SalamanderSpotted SalamanderSpring SalamanderTiger SalamanderTwo-toed AmphiumaYonahlossee Salamandershorter is toads, frogs, penguin, newts salamander's and lots more undiscovered

What is the difference between the salamander and aquatic salamander?

A salamander is a salamander that lives on land.A aquatic salamander is a salamander that lives in the oceans,lakes,rivers,streams etc.

What animal lives in water and barks?

The Mudpuppy lives in water, and also packs a bark. They bark whenever communicating, ex if they are stressed. So It is a species of Salamander. You can find them in ANY source of water. It's easy to remember because it has 'puppy' in it lol. Hope this helps! :)

Is a mudpuppy an omnivore?

Yes! Its also in the narwhal family(:

How long do the eggs of the mudpuppy take to hatch?

It can take between 30 and 60 days for mudpuppy eggs to hatch. The length of time that it takes depends on the temperature of the water in which they are laid.

What is the weight of a mudpuppy?

te weight of a mudpuppy is about holding the same weight as a real pup but f corse you will need to d a really vbig muddy place....................ahahahahahah this is the truth

What is another name for salamander?

another name for a salamander is a newt or siren. the scientific name for a salamander is a Ambystoma maculatum. The "Cave Salamander" or "White Salamander" is known as the Olm.

How much does a mudpuppy weigh?

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What eats a mudpuppy?

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Is a black and yellow salamander poisons?

Yes. If it is a Spotted Salamander or a Fire Salamander.