Is the nair caste equal to the rajput caste?

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In India
Nairs are southern counter parts of Rajputs, both of them comes to the Indian political arena around same time (ie between 6th and 9th century AD).
Nairs are the first native warriors defeated a colonial power (Dutch lost to Travancoore Nairs during "Kulachal war AD 1741),They fought against all invaders but the British managed to check mate them almost by deceit and resorting to tactics like bribing their kings etc, almost all the royals and militia men were from Nair clans
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Is rajput a higher caste than jat?

The true meaning of rajput i.e. son of king. I think you should also know a king doesn't have any caste but only a religion (Raj dharma) and only the public has the caste so that they can fight over it to prove their superiority. Let be clear more on that who should be called a Rajput. We would t ( Full Answer )

In kerala the cast nair is Kshathriyas different cast under kshathriyas in kerala?

All the warriors belong to Nair group they belong to the Nagavamsh and Nagans the true dravadian and the kings too belong to Nair caste before the invadation of Arya Brahmins In kerala and the brahmins in kerala took the leadership in administration in kerala as no body could question them as they w ( Full Answer )

Does chandla surname come in rajput caste?

Yes . A childhood friend of mine ; who belongs to a Rajput family,was Chandla. They hail from Himachal. Sometimes Chandel also writetheir name as Chandla

Does rajpal surname come in rajput caste?

I think this is the surname in Punjabi's in India. This is what I have seen in my frnds. I have a few frnds having Rajpal as their surname and all are punjabi.

What are the various Rajput sub-castes in himachal?

1.Rao rajput 2.Rajput chohan 3.Rajput Rana 4.rathour 5.sisodia 6.tomar 7.bundela 8.gaur 9.raghav 10.bhagail 11.khuswaha 12.tohni 13.kondel 14.dhoni 15.jinta 16.shekhawat 17.parmar 18 Pundir 19.rajawat 20.chorawat 21.sengar 22.parihaar 23.bhatti 24. Sumal (Som) 25. Panwar 26. Sood

Is rajput lower caste?

No. Not at all. Rajputs are among the top castes in Hindu religion. In olden times they were called as "Kshatriyas."

Is maurya comes under rajput caste?

Maurya caste is related to ancient Shakya Khatriya clan. Chandragupta Maurya, Bindusar and Ashok were some Famous emperors of this caste. They were follower of Shakyamuni Budhha. But they were not rajputs. at that time rajput was in existence. rajputs came in existence in seventh century AD. Mauryas ( Full Answer )

Which cast was nair?

Nair was considered to be a Brahmin caste but to Parshuram they were considered to be kshatriya. However, they do not belong to any Caste system as we know in Aryanism. Nairs are a dravidian tribe who got aryanised to a certain extent with advent of Brahmins in Kerala. Considering their stature, ( Full Answer )

Which caste Heer belonged to jat or rajput?

Heer from Waris Shah's literature Heer Ranjha belonged to a Jatt family of the Sayyal clan, Heer was her first name. Heer surename is one of the asl jatt along with maan and bhullar. They are definitely jatts found in many region in Punjab,haryana etc.

Does shahi surname come in rajput caste?

answer to your question is Yes, my name is Anil shahi and i m Hindu raj put of A very rare bisen clan. As per my knowledge shahi also comes in Muslim bisen rajputs (converted our relatives)and the title shahi is used by Punjabi rajputs and janjua Muslim rajputs. places where shahis are found ( Full Answer )

Is the choker caste belongs to rajput?

Hi Choker is not the caste its one of the Gothra of Rajput. there are orginated from Karoli rajisthan. you can find 68 villages of choker in UP near Bulandshar, Greater Noida and 5 near to Agra. etc.. there basically they are chandravansi and orginate of Atrish rishi... Hope this will help you

Is Nair a Brahmin caste?

The Question itself is slightly flawed because there is a presumption. The Brahmin Caste is at the apex of every society that inhabited India and continues to do so now , though in a less rigid way.They are found in all ethno-linguistic groups. Brahmins are NOT all Aryan(as in the tribe) thou ( Full Answer )

Is rajput rana a sheduled caste?

No, they comes under Shatriya, in some states of India they count as minoritites and in other backward classess but not shedule.

Is rajbhandari caste come in rajput?

Rajbhandari was chhetriya but thay change them self as newar, thay were so brave trust worthy so malla king choose them to protect there treasury .so that called rajbhandari

Does rajputs comes under SC caste?

no not all rajputs. But some of them do come under SC caste. This doesn't means that they are lower caste. They are kshatriyas and one of the 'chattis rajkula' (36 Royal families).

Does swain surname come in rajput caste?

yes this caste is origin from orissa (which basically known as khandayat)and comes from rajput ,in north side this title rarely found ,

Is kharal a sub-caste of rajput?


Is dhawan a sub caste of rajput?

Dhawan is a sub caste mostly used by Punjabis. But Dhawan subcasteis also found among Jats in Haryana in Bhiwani District andkshatriya Rajputs of Bundelkhand region of UP.

How many sub castes are there in rajput?

There are a no. of subcasts of RAJPUT. The top subcasts are Manj,Chaudhary, Bhatti, Naroo, GhorayWah, Varya, Dhudi(Hazrat Madhu Hussain belongs), Chohan, Lohana(Quaid-e-Azam belongs), Rathore, Khokhar, Janjoya, Meo, Toor, Ghondal, and many others. I will right all the name of all subcasts soon ( Full Answer )

Is ramola a rajput sub cast?

yes ramola is a subcaste of rajput .. they reside in the pricely state of uttarakhand,

Is mahar a rajput caste?

no not at all. rajput fall under general category where as mahar fall under sc category,mahar itself is a caste

What is history of jaryal rajput caste?

According to our grandparent - Jaryal Rajput basically belong toRajouri(Ridu), Kashmir. In the 19th century many of the Jaryal left the place and came tothe Kangra, Himachal Pradesh . This is what I heard from theold Jaryal Villagers. If we dig little dipper into the history then one may find out ( Full Answer )

Is kanda surname a soni rajput caste?

ya i think so I am a Kanda. Kanda's are North Indian (Punjabi) Rajput Goldsmiths (Also Known as Suneareh/Sunars). They can be Sikh or Hindu Punjabi's.

Is saiva vellalas upper caste than nair in kerala?

vellallars are warriors like Nairs...after they reach in kerala many time with chera chola and some them keep relation with king family. they have kindom in tamil long ago. As chetti pillai came from tamil nadu and the vayanadu kings drived at tamil kindom from kerala . vellalas returned and rest of ( Full Answer )

Is Jat higher caste than rajput?

The true meaning of rajput i.e. son of king. I think you should also know a king doesn't have any caste but only a religion (Raj dharma) and only the public has the caste so that they can fight over it to prove their superiority. Let be clear more on that who should be called a Rajput. We would t ( Full Answer )

Is vellala pillai upper caste than nair in kerala?

vellalars are those 500 families came from thamilnadu , The namevellalla is also a group name as same as nairs , Theye were thekings and land loards in thamil nadu . Chera , Pandya kingdoms,etcwere thep famous vellala kingdoms. During the attack of tippusultan among those vellallas 500 families came ( Full Answer )

Is Nair a forward caste in kerala?

I don't like caste system, because there is just one caste - humanity. Everyone who does not have humanity are casteless. Nair is one of the caste in Kerala. If you see the caste system, Nairs are considered as Shudras who comes at the bottom in Hindu varna(color) system. First is Brahmins and then ( Full Answer )

Do jangra belongs to rajput cast?

actually they belong to Superior Brahmin caste similar in north india. They also known ans Khati/jangir/jangra and they are one of the most inteligent and hard working people. but there are people lives in Uthrakhand and Himachal pradesh are rajput khati/jangra. They used their surname as Sharma.

Does rajput rana belong to st cast?

Rana is a rajput. Rajput means raja ka put that is son of the King. They belong to royal family or say they have royal blood. Rana are of general caste. They are mainly found in North India and Madhya Pradesh.

Who is upper caste Nair or Vishwakarma?

Nairs are a branch of Nagavanshi Kshatriyas found in the Indian state of kerala. They are similar to the Bands , Nagavanshi Rajputs and Jats. Vishwakarmas are supposed to be engaged in the construction jobs . But, they fall under the Brahmin caste. Regarding who is upper , the Brahmins or the Kshatr ( Full Answer )

Is rajput a higher caste than Arain?

how rajputs can be higher to anyone , these rajputs are historical pimps who gave thier daughters to mughals forthier lifes where as arains along with syeds , awans , alvis , and abbasis are pure arab blooded peoples

Is Rajput a higher caste than Gujjar?

In Pakistan Rajputs have been included in scheduled tribe and living in very poor condition. Gujjars are veer , hard worker and have high ethical values. sardar vallabhbhai patel was one of the greatest gujjar among many other rajputs can be higher to anyone , these rajputs are historical p ( Full Answer )

Is satti is a sub caste of rajput?

NO No NO sattis are not rajputs .kotli and murree was part ofkashmir which was ruled by dogras with 22 small princels states inthem .6 of them were ruled by muslims rajputs . kotli and poonchwere ruled by mangral rajputs .there is no shajra nasab of sattisthere is no name of them in history . in 193 ( Full Answer )

Is patkar the sub caste of rajput?


Is chauhan rajput is lower caste?

No not at all chauhan is amongest the top caste in rajput.. chauhan belongs to rajput(kshatrya) l..king prithvi chauhan is the example.

Is Banafal Rajput Caste Is Scheduled Caste?

Banafal (Banaphar) is the name of a clan that claims to belong to the Yaduvanshi lineage of Rajput. According to Alf Hiltebeitel Like Krishna, Udal (and the rest of the Banafals) is susceptible to "mean caste" slurs and slights because of his combined Rajput and Ahir background. Their tradition ( Full Answer )

Is katiyar caste a rajput caste?

Rajput is a very disputed term.Even the bhumihars(brahmins) callthemselves rajputs.But rajput is one who is of kingsrelation(kshatriya).Katiyars are suryavanshi kurm kshatriyas.

Is Nair a forward Hindu caste?

Nair is one of the caste in Kerala. All human are same. In that sense, you can not say one caste is forward or other is backward. If you see the caste system, Nairs are considered as Shudras who comes at the bottom in Hindu varna(color) system. First is Brahmins and then Kshathriyas(Mainly Verma) an ( Full Answer )

Is kashyap and kashyap rajput a same caste?

kashyap and kashyap rajput is no doubt a same caste. in Punjab,Haryana, Rajasthan and j & k states, this caste is familiarwith the name of Kashyap Rajput and in other states of India thiscaste is familiar with the name of Kashyap. This is basically afishermen community. The sub castes of kashyap or ( Full Answer )

Is Katheria rajput cast?

katheria's are thakurs and they belong o general category but some s.t/s.c and obc also uses this surname.

What is the sub caste of rajput in madhya pradesh?

i beleve below are sub caste/surname of rajputs which are belong to madhya pradesh as wel as gujrat comimg from madhya pradesh chandel khandel sirswar bania kukrolia marya rathod thakore

Is ujjain a rajput sub caste?

yes it is very higher rajput clan...and it is also a father figurefor all parmar rajouts across the world..they are royal blood asthey are direct descendants of vikramaditya and rajabhoja........they are only concentrated in bihar now..........asduring 12th century they came to bihar while fighting ( Full Answer )

Is rathod rajput higher cast than parmar rajput cast?

Parmars are bigger n higher rajput clan than Rathore ,the reason isthat the parmar have older n bigger history than rathore ,parmarshave given birth to many brave legends ,when parmar have ruled theentire earth while rathore were concentrated in rajasthan the on this behalf Parmar wo ( Full Answer )

Who is Rao is a Rajput caste with bardia gotra?

yes they are rajput but they separated from rajputs in seens 500year ago and orgnized with only Raja or maharaja they treat themhow to rule or orgnizid there emperior

Is sarkar surname is of rajput caste?

Yes.They are Rajputs by caste.Sarkar surname is widely used by Gaurrajputs of West Bengal,Bihar & Bangladesh.It is also widelyused by other Bengali Kshatriyas.