Is the necklace credible?

I assume you mean the more or less anti-capitalistic short story by Mauppasant and NOT the so-called Affair of the Diamond Necklace involving French monarch Marie Antoinette. remarks are confined to the Mauppassant tale, which I am quite familiar with. As is the case with (Scrooge) owing to certain societal changes- and attitudes, it probably could not happen today. I assume the story, which took place in the Late nineteenth century- that the Loisel and Forestier families had telephones- this being a big city- Paris. Immediately after losing the necklace, Mme Loisel should have felt obligated to call up the owner- and tell the entire story. Then Mme Forestier- unless she was an unscrupulous con artist, would have informed MMe Loisel that the item was a wearing copy- a counterfeit costume piece. All of the anguish and restitution labors would have been avoided. There have been variants on the tale for a male audience- some by O.Henry- that used a bag of loot- in an overcoat- after a heroic chase all over town they find the overcoat- and- you know the punch line- All of the Money was Confederate! This was adapted into a Superman episode (TV) with a contrived paralell bank account and (happy) ending. allk i n all it is antimoney, anti-Status symbol, or materialism. and yes, Crime may have been involved. I think, assuming they had phones, Mme Loisel was drunk on return from the Party, and in no shape to make a phone call! Exactly how the article was lost- is rather glossed over. They took a taxicab home from the Ball so (maybe she was drunk, and in no shape to use regular public tranist! I thought alcohol may have been in the ( field windings). much needless work and a nose dive into destitution could have been avoided with an honest phone call. and yes, crime can exist in a Moneyless society- that Socialist dream ,. well as a sampler, I had a Camera stolen in a public Library last summer- it happens!