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There are 1,000,000 old lira in 1 New Turkish lira, so your old lira have little money value, just curiosity value. (1 New Turkish lira is worth (March 2009) about US$0.75.)

Any remaining old lira has to be converted at either the Turkish Central Bank or T.C. Ziraat Bank branches, at the rate of 1 million old lira = 1 new lira Details:

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I have Yuz Bin 100000 old lira how to sell it? is it valuable or not?
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Q: Is the old Turkish 100000 yuz bin still accpted?
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How much was 100000 Turkish was worth in dollars?

100000 Yuz Bin Turkish Lira (TRL) (TRY) = 78,382.20 US Dollars. Refer to for currency conversion and values in diiferent currencies.

How much is the old Turkish 100000 yuz bin worth in us dollars?

100000 yuz bin is worthless in us dollars but ay auction they can go for 1000.00 us dollars in mint condition.

Turkish Elli bin?

1 Turkish Elli Bin is worth $ 0.783822 USD.

How much is Yuz bin 100000 in US?

1 Yuz Bin = 0.783822 USD ; 100000 Yuz Bin = $ 78,382.20 USD.

How much is 100000 yuz bin worth in US?

100000 Yuz Bin is worth $ 78,382.20 USD.

How much is 100000 yuz bin worth in America?

100000 Yuz Bin is worth $ 78,382.20 USD in America.

How much is yuz bin 100000 turkiye worth in the India?

100000 Yuz Bin Turkeye is worth US $ 78,382.20

What is the present value of 100000- Yuz Bin in INR?

Present Value of 100000 Yuz Bin is worth Rs. 32,78,398.51 INR.

How much is 100000 yuz bin worth?

100000 Yuz Bin Liras = $ 78,382.20 USD. show me a picture of what it looks like

Is the old Turkish 100000 yuz bin still accepted?

In 2005 Turkey changed from Old Turkish Lira to New Turkish Lira or YTL. One million Old TL = one YTL. Old TL are still legal tender until 2016.Old TL notes may now be exchanged for YTL only at Turkish Central Bank (TC Merkez Bankasi) offices or, in the absence of a Central Bank office, at a TC Ziraat Bankasi office, until December 31, 2016.

Does 100 bin lira equal 100000 lira?

Yes, bin is thousand. 100 Bin lira = 100 Lira.

How much turkiye cumhuriyet merkez bankasi 100000 worth in Indian money?

100000 yuz bin

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