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No! SE hinton wrote this book when she was just 17 years old, she was friends with a greaser, but the events of this story are fictional.

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Q: Is the outsiders a true story?
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Is the movie the outsiders based on a true story?

nope not a true story

Why is The Outsiders fiction?

The Outsiders is fiction because the story didn't actually happen, and it's not based on true events.

The outsiders based on a true story?

No, its not based on truestory.But similar things have happened.Its about what could of happened

Is The Outsiders fiction or nonfiction?

"The Outsiders" is a fictional story.

What is the mood of the story of The Outsiders?

I think...

Who is telling the story in The Outsiders?


Is the book the outsiders more of an adventure story or drama?

The Outsiders is a Young Adult drama.

Why outsiders story is this set where is it?

In Tulsa, Oklahoma

What was Ponyboy's English Theme?

the story of the outsiders

What is the message in the Outsiders?

I think that the message in the Outsiders is that life is rough but stay true to who you are not matter what. :)

How did the story end from the outsiders?

the story ends when ponyboy is writeing the essay for school

Does sherri valance from the outsiders change during the story?


Where was The Outsiders set?

The story was set in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

What is the theme in the story the outsiders?

Stay gold man!

What are the similarities of Johnny and Ponyboy in the story the Outsiders?


Why was Ponyboy important in the story The Outsiders?

he's the narrator

What was the year in the Outsiders?

S.E. Hinton started the book "The Outsiders" in 1965, and the story takes place in 1965.

How is the book The Outsiders?

amazing! I thought it was a touching story and ha a great story line...

Was true grit a true story?

no it is not because if it was a true story it would say based on a true story.

Is paper heart a true story?

no it is not a true story or based off a true story

What is the flash back of the story the outsiders?

big full of $H!+

What does fuzz mean in the outsiders?

The police that happens in the story

What is the resolution of the story of the outsiders?

When Ponyboy reads the letter from Johnny.

Who was the narrator of the story the outsiders by S.E. Hinton?

Ponyboy curtis

When was Darry born on the outsiders story?

January 5th 1945