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Yes, he is liable if the person driving has a fatal accident. His insurance allows him to cover people that drive his car with his permission. If that person wrecks his car and dies, the insurance would pay the funeral expenses and give the actual cash value for the car minus the deductible.

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Q: Is the owner of a car liable if the person driving has a fatal accident?
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Is your insurance liable if your vehicle wasn't involved in a fatal accident?

If you were driving someone elses vehicle and involved in an accident whether it be fatal or not then the person who owns the vehicle should have insurance on it and then the accident would be covered on that policy but if it goes over the amount that they have then its possible for yours to kick in and pay any extra.

What is the difference between ghastly accident and fatal accident?

Ghastly means the person was badly injured. Fatal means the person died. Ghastly itself means: Terrifyingly horrible to the senses.

When driving at night are you are less likely to get in a fatal accident because there are less drivers at night?


What is a fatal accident?

A fatal accident is an accident when a fatality(or death) occurs. A "Fatal Accident" is most commonly used to refer to car accidents when someone dies.

When was Fatal accident inquiry created?

Fatal accident inquiry was created in 1895.

When a person almost loses their life from a fatal car accident and they survive is that not a miracle?


Driving requires a high degree of in the driving environment?

Driving requires a high degree of concentration. Any distractions at all may have catastrophic consequences, including the possibility of a fatal accident.

Who is the most fatal accident during driving?

Drivers impaired by alcohol and drugs are responsible for over 40% of automobile fatalities.

Was Will Smith in a fatal accident?

no he was not

What is the Cost of a fatal accident?


How do you find out the name of the person who died in a fatal car accident in Murfreesboro TN?

Check with the local police department.

If an uninsured driver with just a learner's permit is involved in a fatal car accident can the uninsured driver's parent's insurance be filed against?

Dependant upon WHOM the learner was insured with, who's vehicle he/she was driving, and the legalities such as "was there a licensed driver in the car at the time of accident"? all these things play a role. Contact a lawyer or your broker for a definite answer, but yes, in some instances, the parents can be liable.

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