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Is the owner of the parking lot responsible for repairs if someone hits your car?


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2004-08-06 09:51:55
2004-08-06 09:51:55

Not in a public parking lot. But if it is a controlled parking low where the employees park and retrieve the cars, the lot owner is responsible. He probably has a sign posted saying he is not responsible for accidents, but he is.


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The ticket is attached to the car, and the owner of the car. We loaned someone a vehicle of ours years ago, and she racked up many parking tickets at a college. Guess who was responsible for the tickets, the owner is. Unless the ticket is handed to you with your name on it, the owner is responsible.

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The home owner is responsible for repairs to the property. Depending on the amount available under the reverse mortgage, funds from the reverse loan may be available to make those repairs.

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I would say yes. Since you are a renter and he is the owner . The owner of the property is libel for the repairs.

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