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Is the oxygen sensor on a 1996 Mitsubishi Galant before or after the cat converter?


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2005-11-11 03:22:06
2005-11-11 03:22:06

O2 sensors are usually on the exhaust manifold. Actually on the '96 Galant, one is in the header pipe (the pipe running below the engine between the manifold and the catalytic converter) and the other is in the catalytic converter.


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On the downpipe before the catalytic converter.

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there should be 2 oxygen sensors, one easily seen just coming off exhaust part of engine and the second one just past catalytic converter.

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you have or should have two oxygen sensors on exhuast pipe. one before catalytic converter and one after it.depending on which engine you have you usually can see the one closest to engine from under hood.second one " SAFELY" jack up car and look just past catylitci converter should see it easily.

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It's on the exhaust manifold right under your hood, at least it is in my 2000 Galant 2.4 L.

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