Is the person bully the bully on the internet will go to jail?

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If a bully is bullying you on the the internet, he/she will not go to jail.
UNLESS, threats are involved.
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What is bullying?

Bullying is when someone picks on you. Like calling you names or hurting you. . Bullying is any behavior that is calculated to deliberately cause hurt or upset. If someone is asked to stop because they are upsetting or hurting someone and they choose to continue, then they are a bully. ( Full Answer )

Why are you bullied?

FACT: Bullying takes place for a number of reason's including; height, weight, race, skin colour, appearance, or maybe even a disabilitay. FACT: Bullies tend to target the weaker. When I was in year 6, my teacher used to teach us wrong from right with three or four stories, all with different e ( Full Answer )

What do you tell someone who is internet bullying?

Make them aware of what they are becoming and how they look from the outside. Getting kicks out of frightening someone to make them feel better about themselves is perverse and warped. You tell them that what they are doing is making you feel sick and ask them to stop. If they don't then distance yo ( Full Answer )

How do you get a bully?

Well, many bullies usually have a troubled background. For example their life at home may not be too great as they may not be getting on well with their parents or are suffering abuse from family members. Therefore, it leads the bully to become in their own state of depression and cause them to lash ( Full Answer )

What is a bullied person?

a bullied person is a person that has been messed with from someone that thinks they are big and bad.

Why is there bullies?

Its a natural social phenomena and i think due to this phenomenon, I think most people are born to harm others. And I think this negatively effect or affects you in a very bad state that can make YOU a bully yourself and I think its also due to abusive parents maybe the MOST common cause of all this ( Full Answer )

Why are you a bully?

Why am i a bully? Why am i a bully? Why do i want to make kids cry? When i got found out today, My parents asked me why? Do you think its clever Making others feel so sad? Would i pick on others Who were tall, tough or bad? 'So you think you're really hard?' My parents frowned and said I stood t ( Full Answer )

What is the bully about?

it is a movie made in 2001 about some teens who can't stand with another teen's bullying habits and decide to attempt to murder him.

Who bullies and why?

people that bully are most likely trying to make themself look "cool" or are trying to get "high athourity" if you are being bullied tell someone, most likely the priceipal

What can bullying do to you?

Bullying can cause emotional distress, but bullying hurts bullies too, even though not as much as those who are bullied. If it gets to the point where you want to harm yourself you should go to a school counselor, the principal or another adult. But please DO NOT kill yourself! It will all end one d ( Full Answer )

Why people bully over the internet?

Bullies are generally spineless because they bully over the Internet and often have a few friends join in with them. Most of the time their friends may not always agree with the bullying tactics, but they go along with it for fear they could be next and they are thankful it's not themselves that is ( Full Answer )

What bullying can do to you?

bullying can hurt your feeling bullying can also be peer pressure peer pressure- when someone threatens you to do something bad or to do something you don't think is good/or know its very bad thing to do

Why am I bullied?

Well to be honest it is probably because the person that isbullying you is insecure about them self or there is somethinggoing on at their own household for example: they might be beingbullied by a sibling or even their parrents. This is are the usualreasons but there are also reasons such as they a ( Full Answer )

Why do you have to get bullied?

You don't have to get bullied. To not get bullied you have to always stand up for yourself and make sure you don't gossip and are nice to people. Bullies will pick on kids who are quiet and weak because they know they won't stand up for themselves. Hope this helps you.

Why do people bully over the internet?

It's usually because they feel more secure bullying over the Internet. . Or no one can hit or punch each other so there will be no fights. . Some people are lazy and can't be bothered to say it to the other people's face. . The bully could be nice in school but evil over the computer because they ( Full Answer )

What to do if you are bullied?

You should first go to an adult and report the problem so they can either keep an eye on the bully or have a talk. Don't report to an adult unless the bully is calling you bad names, threatening you or abusing you physically. Otherwise you need to stand up to the bully or ignore the bully. Don't tal ( Full Answer )

What to do about bullies?

What u could do to a bully is get an adult or tell some one what they are doing to you, but the best thing to do with a bully is just walk away. I know because I got bullied my self.

What can bullying do to a person?

Bullying can cause the victim to feel depressed. Depression can make the victim feel like they hate there life. So that can cause them to feel the need to comit suicide when all they should really do is stick or else they can go to somebody or even move schools instead of suicide. P.S suicide is kil ( Full Answer )

Is Internet bullying illegal?

no because all your'e doing is defending youreself and if the other person has done it too than it is not even against the law

What can you do about a bully?

A. you can let your principal know, if its in school anyways. B. you can let your parents know, if you live with them and your being bullyed out of the home. C. you can go online to a website that you can report bullys to, not sure if theres one for everywhere but there is one where i live.

Is it ok if you hit a person that is bullying you?

It is always OK to defend yourself. But do not be the one to turn a verbal confrontation into a physical confrontation. If someone has insulted you, you are entitled to insult them in return. If someone hits you or attempts to hit you (since you might be able to duck) you are entitled to hit them.

How long would you be in jail for cyber bullying?

Well, it only matters how much damage you have done. If you have made it so bad that the commit suicide then that will probably count as stalking or murder. (I'm just guessing)

How do you not be a bully?

Don;t pick on other kids. You will find that every kid you know will most likely be dealing with problems that you dont know about. if you need something to vent your anger towards then find a hobby that you can take your sadness, anger or any emotion out on.i personally think dancing and music help ( Full Answer )

Do bullys care about the person there bullying?

NO. Why would they care about you what so ever if they constantly hurt you??? Ummm. I disagree, some people only bully others because they are jealous of them or they like the person. There are many situations where boys are mean to girls and girls are mean to guys because they like the person. In ( Full Answer )

What to do if you are a bully?

If you are getting bullied you should: 1. Tell your parent 2. Ignore them/ Walk away 3. Tell an adult 4. Try to defend yourself 5.Call the police if it gets worse!. If you, yourself, are a bully you should: 1. Examine why you feel the need to pick on and harass others. 2. If the r ( Full Answer )

What to do when you get bullied?

Stand up for yourself and embarras them show em whos boss and dont let them be mean if they continue dont run away insult and confront them if it doesnt stop tell and adult but the best choice is to stand up if it doesnt stop you tell but that will be 2nd choice if not they'll think you are a scary ( Full Answer )

How has Internet affected bullying?

It gives bullies the powerfeeling, they have when they have a computer screen to hide behind. They say things they normally wouldn't say to someone's face.

Where can you get bullied?

You can get bullied anywhere. Just go to a big kid and say he's stupid, then he'll bully you but you'r not supposed to cheak up this queston so GET OFF OF THIS QUESTON AND SEARCH UP ANOTER QUESTON!

What if a person bullies you?

Good Things to Do: 1. Stand up for yourself, talk in a loud, firm voice 2. Ignore them. 3: Tell a teacher/adult. 4: If things get out of hand, like terrible threats and info placing our phone number on the internet, call 911. Bullies have no right to do things that are inappropiate and dumb ( Full Answer )

What is a bully on the Internet?

its cyberbully. i dont know why they do that its probably because they have a hard life or they want to take their own stuff out on everyone else.

What can you do to bully?

you could do lots of things but some things you could do is torcher someone,make them feel bad about them-selves,and lots of other thingsbut they are not a good thing to do

What can a person do if they see an act of bullying or a victam of bullying?

Physical Don't stand there. Don't go in and try and fight the bully. If he's bigger than you, you'll be hurt. If he's smaller than you, don't pick on him. It will make you just as bad as the bully. Go tell a supervisor, a teacher or a trustworthy adult. Verbal Verbal abuse can be very ( Full Answer )

What does the term internet bullying means?

This is most commonlly referred to as "Cyber-Bullying". This usually entails posting mean things about someone else, or talking to someone online and saying means things about them. Basically using th internet to write nasty things about someone.

How many children are bullied by the internet?

It is estimated that over 13 million children are cyber bullied. Half a million of children were victims of cyber bullying in Illinois. It is also estimated that 160,000 children missed school because they are afraid of cyber bullying.

Should you ever bully back a person who bullied you?

No, just trust in karma. Happens to everyone even me. I bullied once when I was very young and didn't know any better but learnt my lesson when people bullied me. It was more sever. Now I care about everyone feelings and people getting hurt I can never get over it.

What bullying can do?

as a kid i know what bullying because of my friend its not fun my family raised me to not care what they say to me if someone called me a stupid idiot i would say ha ha funny cuz its not true or great awesome i dont care but other kids are not raised like me it will lower their self esteem and some ( Full Answer )

How can you not be a bully?

You can not be a bully by being kind to people and thinking about others and for people who get bullyd dont be afraid to tell the bully to stop but dont say it ina mean way or else your the bully you could also ask them hoe they feel.

What not to do to a bully?

Don't try to hit/fight back especially if you know he's much stronger than you otherwise he may seriously injure you, but remember if you're being bullied tell a teacher, parents or anyone else you know that will help to get of the bully.

Why should a Person Kill Themselves from Bullying or Cyber-Bullying?

It is always a tragedy when anyone commits suicide. Bullying feels very painful to the person being bullied. They may feel like a prisoner to the pain the bully puts them through day after day and it hurts very much. The pain they feel seems like it will never end, so they may take drastic measures. ( Full Answer )

How many bullies would bully one person?

It can be quite a few, in one incident when I was in elementary school on the way home for lunch almost my entire class was actively bullying me. Perhaps 20 in the one incident! In the same year there were other kids that bullied me too.

What is bullying-?

Bullying is when a person or group of people pick on someone else.They may use physical abuse, mental abuse, or even cyber abuse. Noone should ever have to put up with people bullying. Speak to atrusted adult for help.

Why do I get bullied?

Because people are jelous of you they know your pretty but in yourown way they just want what you have sometimes