Is the phrase 'there's someone out there for everyone' real or is it just a stupid myth?

Its not possible for there to be someone out there for everyone as the ratio of women to men is not 1:1 its 4:1. so how can there be someone out there for everyone if there is not enough men to go around. there are 4 times more women than men. this should be an assurance whatsoever as its false hope builder. its more than possible that some people will never meet anyone or get married or have a family. this is an ideal but its not rooted in reality.

There isnt someone out there for everyone as there is literally not enough people for this to be true - have to factor in gay people and those who have died as well

Oh yes, I believe that with all my heart. It's up to the person to keep their eyes, ears and heart open. Some people just have unrealistic opinions as to what type of person they should be with.

EXAMPLE: A pleasant looking guy is interested in a girl, but along comes some knock-out stud that rocks her off her feet. She'll probably go for the stud at the beginning and in the end, most don't work out and she's just lost out on a good guy that is pleasant looking and has a lot more heart and soul. I'm not saying all nice looking men/women are losers, but many are. Sometimes we miss out on the beauty of the person inside and only see the outside (the shell.) When we do this we really mess ourselves up.

My niece is meetings someone in January she has been having a relationship with on the internet and he's bringing his parents along to meet hers. She wanted me to see a picture of him on her computer and see what I thought. I asked her why it was so important what I thought. She said, and I quote, "I want you to see if you think he's good looking or not." I wasn't all that surprised as my niece is 20 years old and has some growing up years ahead of her, but it bothered me and I told her, "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. When you just look at a person and don't get to know them, or just see a picture of them and have only talked to them over the internet, you see nothing but a face, and until you can meet with them, get to know what is in their heart and soul, then you will never see the true beauty of that person." She actually pondered on what I said and agreed. I saw his picture and he's a nice looking fellow, but not the handsomest guy I've ever seen, but I liked his features and you could tell he was nervous taking that picture of himself with his cell. That said a lot about the guy. She wants us to meet him along with her parents, and we are up for it. I told her that I had no patience with a girl (or guy) that was flighty and was more interested in a #10 boyfriend/girlfriend on their arm (showing them off to friends) then getting realistic and finding someone worth having. I said that to smarten her up because she's in that age bracket. Thank heavens she does listen. I think this relationship is going to work out as they are getting "promise rings." I asked her what they were promising and she giggled and said, "Oh, to be true to each other."

Young people today make everything so complicated and can be superficial. In the 50s when I grew up we may wear the pin of the football jock we went out with or the ring of a guy that we wore around our necks on a chain, but not al the time; our word was good enough. It only meant that when another guy saw us it was "hands off." Today, you have to show a ring on your finger to prove to others you are going steady with someone and to let that person know they can trust you. Huh? There should be no question about trust in a relationship whether you are married or not (it's dignity and an honorable thing in a person.)

Remember, "a watched kettle never boils" and it sounds like you are in a hurry to find someone and have a relationship. I don't blame you one bit, but it's when you least expect it that you meet that special someone. So, go out and have fun, don't look so hard because one day right around the corner you are going to be blown off your feet and meet up with that person. New Years Eve is a good time to start! Keep those eyes, ears and heart open! It's no myth!

Good luck BET YOU MEET SOMEONE IN 2006 Marcy


It's not LITERALLY true, in that there is ONE person out there who is EXACTLY matched for you, but it's meant to reassure people that sooner or later they will meet somebody who they will hit it of well with, who has similar interests and a mutual attraction.

There is no perfect mate, there will always be SOMETHING you don't see eye-to-eye on, but building a working relationship with enough give-and-take is very rewarding.