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yeah it sounds grammatically correct

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Q: Is the phrase I came home at about one o'clock correct grammatically?
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Is I came home at about one o'clock correct grammatically?

Yes. That's correct.

Is this grammatically correct to say the men came today to lay the carpet in the living room?

"The men came today to lay the carpet in the living room" is grammatically correct. One could use less words though - "The men came today to lay the living room carpet".

Which is correct 'She didn't came' or 'She didn't come'?

She didn't come is the correct phrase.

How do you know me is this grammatically correct?

It is correct if you wish to ask someone how they came to know you. You could also ask "Where did we meet" or "How do we know each other?"

What statement is grammatically correct. He just come back from Australia or he just came back from Australia?

The 2nd one

Is 'Not a friend came to the party' grammatically correct?

Not a single friend came to the party makes more sense? Or maybe 'not one friend came to the party. To me it sounds like it could possibly be grammaticallty correct, but you never know.

Is the sentence correct -One of mycousin has come yesterday?

No this is incorrect grammar. To make the sentence grammatically correct you should say: One of my cousins came yesterday.

Is this sentence grammatically correct - i came to your office so many times but i can't found you?

I came to your office several times and did not see (s) you._______Better:I came to your office but could not find you.

Where did Artemis came from?

Greek mythology. And your question is grammatically incorrect.

Is the question 'Why you are not came to my home' a correct form in the past tense?

No, that isn't grammatically correct.You should say "Why didn't you come to my home?"The helper verb "to do" is conjugated (did, did not) but the verb (come) is not.

She came to my home yesterday. Is it correct?

The phrase "she came ot my home yesterday" is correct... although a little formal. If you are talking to friends, you would be more likely to hear "she came over" rather than "she came to my home." But if you are writing a paper for class, the form you already have is probably best.

Which came first the phrase Catch-22 or the book?

The phrase came from the book of the same name.

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