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The pinky toe (smallest toe) is a toe.

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Q: Is the pinky toe a toe?
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What is the name for your pinky toe?

Little Toe or Fifth Toe

Can you balance without a pinky toe?

Balance will be a little harder without the small toe or pinky toe. It is possible to balance without it however.

Pain in between the left pinky toe?

Pain in between the left pinky toe may be as a result of inflammatory in nature.

What is the toe next to your pinky toe called?

left side:ring toe right side:not visible

What do you call the small toe?


What causes pain in between the left pinky toe?

Pain in between the left pinky toe might have been caused by inflammatory in nature.

How many joints are in your pinky toe?


Is your pinky toe broken?

No, but the middle toe on the left was, and hurts when it's wet and cold.

What does it means when you have a little mole on your right pinky toe?

what does it mean to have a mole on your right pinky finger

Can toes be sprained?

yes you could sprain your toe because i sprained my pinky toe before

If you lose your pinky toe does your balance get thrown off?

if you lose your BIG toe you lose balance.

Is it possible to walk without a pinky toe?


How do you break your pinky toe?

Falling down the stairs!

What are the smallest finger and toe bones?

pinky for both

How much would a pinky toe cost compared to a big toe?

Toes cannot be purchased, even though they are valuable to us. If you're asking for a hypothetical value, I believe a big toe would cost more than a pinky toe. It's the "thumbkin" of the foot.

What are the proper name for your toes?

From big to small your toes are called your big toe, your index toe, your middle toe, your fourth toe, and your pinky toe. WRONG. The "big toe" is called "Hallux".

What will happen if you bend your pinky toe?

It depends how far you bend it.

What is the toe's names?

Hallux (big toe) Second toes (long toe) Third toe (middle toe) Fourth toe (ring toe) Fifth Toe (pinky toe, baby toe, or little toe)

What is the name of the toe next to the pinky toe?

The wedding ring toe. Like on the hand how you contain a wedding finger, it occurs to be a toe. This toe is sacred to the patriotism of feet in this nation under god as we type.

Broke pinky toe..?

bummer, not much you can do about it except let it heal.

What is the most noble part of the body in the Buddhist tradition?

the pinky toe

Which of your body parts is also called the minimus?

little toe or pinky finger

Do toes have names like fingers do?

Yes, they do ... from Medial to Lateral: * Big toe * Index toe * Middle toe * 4th Toe * Little Toe - aka "pinky toe"

What is the medical term meaning fifth toe?

Usually the medical term for the fifth toe is fifth toe. You could also call it the fifth digit of the foot, or the fifth pedal digit. The layman's term for the fifth toe is the pinky toe.

What little name is shared by your little toe and pinky finger?