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It is a solid, as it is one of the terrestrial (rocky) planets

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Is Mercury a solid or gas planet?

Mercury is a rocky (Solid) planet

Is Mercury made gas or a solid?

the planet is a solid but mercury is a gas as well

Does Mercury have a gas surface?

no, Mercury is a solid planet.

Is Mercury a solid or a frozen gas?

Mercury, the planet is a solid rocky body. Mercury, the element is a metal, liquid at room temperature.

Is mercury's surface solid or made from gases?

Mercury has a solid surface and is not a gas planet.

Is Mercury an solid or gasy planet?

The planet Mercury is a solid ..........................

Is Saturn a solid or a gas planet?

Saturn is a gaseous planet. The solid planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars. The gas planets are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Pluto (which is also solid) is no longer classified as a planet.

Is Mercury a soild planet?

mercury does have a solid surface

Is Neptune a solid or gas planet?

a gas planet

Is mercury a rocky planet or dwarf planet or or gas planet or a star?

mercury is a rocky planet

Does Mercury have a gas core?

I don't think there is such a thing as a planet having a gas core. Even the gas giants have some solid material at their centers.

Is mercury a terrestrial planet or a gas giant?

Mercury is a terrestrial planet.

Is the planet Mercury mostly gas or rock?

Mercury is a rocky planet.

Which planets is a solid planet?

well mercury, venus, earth , and mars are solid planets. then there is the asteroid belt that seperates the solids from the gas planets.

Is mercury the planet a liquid or a solid?

Solid, iron core

Which planet has no gas?


Are Neptune and Mercury gas planets?

Neptune is a gas planet, but mercury is not. Mercury is a rocky inner planet, one of the four terrestrial planets.

Is Venus a solid planet or a gas planet?

Venus is definitely a Terrestrial [solid] planet.

What gases are on Mercury the planet?

well Mercury has no gas

Is Saturn a solid planet or a gas planet?

Saturn is a gas planet or gas giant. It is made of gas and dust.

Is Neptune a solid planet?

no it is a gas planet

Is Mercury a solid liquid gas?

mercury is a liquid

Heating solid mercury to gas mercury?


Is mercury a gas or rocky planet?

its a ROCKY planet :)

Is mercury a rocky planet or a gas planet?

Mercury is the planet closest to the Sun and is rocky like the other inner planets.