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yes, it is a free verse poem.

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Q: Is the poem Eldorado a free verse poem?
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Related questions

What is the rhythm of a free verse poem?

There isn't a requirement of rhythm for a free verse poem.

What is a free-verse poem?

A free verse poem is a poem that doesn't have any rhyme and fixed metrical patterns.

Is the poem Chicago written in free verse?

Free Verse

Is a my name poem a free verse poem?


Is Eating Poetry a a free verse or rhyming poem?

free verse

Is the poem 'one' by James berry a free verse?

Free verse

How many lines does a free verse poem have?

A free verse poem can have as many lines as you want it to have. There is no rhyme or measure throughout this poem.

What is a convention free poem?

Free verse

What is the poem talking about in the poem free verse?


What are the directions of how to write a free verse poem?

There isn't any! Free verse is free.

Carl Sandurg's poem fog is free verse or blank verse?


A poem that generally has meter and rhyme?

a lyric

How long is a free verse poem'?

as long as you want it to be, it's FREE verse

What is a poem with no meter?

Free verse :)

What is a poem with no set rhyme or pattern?

A free verse poem.

What is a definition of a free verse?

a free verse is a kind of poem that has a kind of a rap tune

Is The Raven a free verse poem?

Yes, the Raven is a free verse poem because it is not restricted to form. However, it is metrical and it rhymes.

What verse is used in Walt Whitman's poem Had I the Choice?

free verse

What is the kind of poem that doesn't rhyme?

free verse and open verse =^.^=

What type of Poem is Searchlights?

Free Verse

What do you call a poem that does not rhyme?


What is a poem called when it does not rhyme?

free verse

The poem Chicago was written in?

free verse

What are the rules for a free verse poem?

There are none.

What is the main difference between free verse and structured verse poetry?

Free verse is when the poem has no structure in the stanzas at all. Structured verse can have the length be the same, end rhyme, or a rhythm to the poem