Is the polar bear stronger than the Andean condor?

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Yes, a polar bear could quite easily overpower a condor.
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What is the Andean Condor?

Answer . A bird in the vulture family. It is the heaviest flying land bird in the western hemisphere. This bird lives primarily in the Andes Mountains and is the national symbol of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, and Columbia.

Is a gorilla stronger than a grizzly bear?

that would be an intersting fight. I would say that if a full-size male gorilla fought a full-size male grizzly bear, the grizzly bear would win the close fight

What kind of animal is Andean condor?

An Andean Condor is the world's largest bird of prey. It has huge wings, but it's size means it prefers to take off by leaping from a height and gliding on updrafts.

Is a gorilla stronger than a bear?

No. Most bears, such as the Polar Bear and the Alaskan Brown Bear, are larger than even a male gorilla, they are considered one of the most strongest animals in the world.

What do Andean Condor eat?

Andean Condors eat dead animals as they do not kill animals. They are a carnivore.

What is stronger grizzly or polar bear?

The polar bear is stronger because it is the largest species of bear in the world, however, it is not more aggressive than the grizzly bear. Male polar bears can weigh up to 1000 lbs (half a ton) and stand up to 10 feet tall (on their hind legs). A big grizzly male can weigh up to around 800 lbs.

Is the Kodiak stronger than the polar?

No. Polar bears are the largest species of bear in the world, which obviously would qualify it as being stronger than the Kodiak bear.

Are wolves stronger than bears?

No. Although wolves are powerful predators, they are nowhere near as strong as bears. No, bears are stronger and heavier than wolves, but wolves are faster, lighter, smarter and eat meat warm or frozen. On the other hnd bears eat fish and certain animals. BUT BEARS ARE KINDA PICKY WHILE WOLVES ARE ( Full Answer )

Is a bear stronger than a bull?

There are too many variables to this question, since it depends on the species of bear and what that species of bear is compared to the breed of bull. In a general sense, their strengths could be equaled, though some may argue that a bull has more power than a bear any given day.

How big is an Andean Condor?

Andean Condor can weight up to 15 kg (33 lb) and have wingspan of up to 3.2 m (10.5 ft), they can stand up to 1.2 m (3.9 ft). They can reach cruising altitude of 4.9 km (16000 ft).

Is a polar bear stronger than a grizzly bear?

Yes, because a polar bear is much larger and powerful in size: Polar bears weigh between 600 and 1200 lbs, whereas grizzly bears average between 500 and 800 lbs. Polar bears can hunt and kill large walruses and even drag a dead beluga out of the water onto the ice while grizzly bears have only few d ( Full Answer )

Is a polar bear stronger than a tiger?

A Polar Bear is much larger in size as well as weight when compared to a Tiger. The Polar Bear is the largest carnivore walking this earth. Siberian Tigers are huge but they are not as huge as a polar bear. Due to its sheer size polar bears are stronger than tigers.

What does Andean condor eat?

They eat mostly dead and/or decaying animals. They have really good eyesight so they can see dead or injured animals from far away.

Are bears stronger than gorillas?

Since these two animals are not naturally ever in the same geography, there hasn't been any test sufficient to answer your question.

Is polar bond stronger than non-polar bond?

Yes. In polar bonds, electrons between atoms are shared unequally. The more electronegative atom has a high electron affinity, pulling the shared electron (and ajacent atom) closer to it, creating a shorter, stronger bond.

Who is stronger polar bears or brown bears?

The polar bear is larger (and presumably stronger) than most species of Brown Bear, except for the Kodiak Bear which is larger than the Polar Bear.

Are bears stronger than lions?

Yes. Most bears, like polar bears, Kodiak bears and grizzlies (and occasionally some large black bears) are stronger than lions are.

Which is stronger tiger or polar bear?

Polar bear. It can hunt down a muskox by itself, while a tiger would have difficulties killing a cow. Brown bears, grizzly bears, and even boar black bears are stronger than tigers.

Is polar bear is stronger than a tiger?

Depends on the species of tiger. In most cases it could be said that a polar bear would be stronger than a tiger by the fact that polar bears have been known to pull narwhals and beluga whales (which often weigh over half a ton) out of the water onto the ice, whereas most tigers are only capable of ( Full Answer )

How high do Andean condors fly?

When in flight, these huge birds glide on air currents to soar ashigh as a dizzying 15,000 feet (4,600 meters).same as californiacondor.

Why Andean condor is endangered?

No the Andean condor is rated as near threatened on the IUCN red list but may become endangered if its not protected and the habitat is not saved.

Which is stronger the brown grizzly or the polar bear?

Both are very powerful, but the polar bear may be slightly stronger than the inland race of brown bear known as the grizzly..But the Brown bears of the Alaska coasts are big or bigger than polar bears, and are just as strong.

Are lions stronger than bears?

I think the bear is stronger. Its 2 times bigger, meaning larger muscles. Though the lion is mostly likely to be more agile and faster being a cat. Anyways, its such a bad idea to be around either when its not feeling so friendly, since they are way way stronger than the strongest human. Depends on ( Full Answer )

Wing span of the andean condor?

The California Condor has a body length of 43 - 52 inches, a wingspan up to 9 1/2 feet, and weighs 18 - 23 pounds

Is a black bear stronger than a mongoose?

Well a mongoose is about the size of a ferret and a black bear isabout half the size of a grizzly bear, so in a fight the black beawill obviously win.

Is a bear stronger than a tiger?

Depends on the size of the comatants. Normally, small bears are weaker than tigers, but a larger bear would be somewhat stronger. Answer 2 Most bears, like grizzly bears, brown bears, polar bears, and some large black bears, are all stronger than tigers or lions are.

Is it possible to fly an Andean condor?

Well, an Andean condor has a 3 meter wingspan and the tallest, normal humans are on average almost 2 meters tall so it could be possible, but you would have to be light and have a good bond with the condor in order for it to let you ride it. Basically, I cant see it myself! I think you will fin ( Full Answer )

Which is stronger a polar bear or a liger?

The polar bear is stronger because it weighs much more than the liger. Polar bears weigh much more than ligers since polar bears weigh 950 pounds to 1760 pounds. Ligers weigh about 800 pounds. Brown bears, like kodiak bears and alaskan brown bears, are also stronger than ligers.

Barbary lion or polar bear which is stronger?

Of course the polar bear is stronger. Polar bears are bigger and stronger than grizzly bears, while grizzly bears are stronger and larger than lions.

What does a Andean condors eat?

The Andean condor feeds mostly on carrion. Inland Andean condors feed mainly on large carcasses, such as llamas, alpacas, rheas, guanacos, armadillos, wild boars, rabbits, foxes, and red deer. They do eat large live animals though, such as cattle, horses, sheep, goats, and dogs. On the other hand, c ( Full Answer )

Is a buffalo stronger than a grizzly bear?

Yes. A buffalo can charge at the grizzly bear and use its strong head to knock the grizzly bear to death. Buffaloes weigh more than grizzly bears do. Grizzlies often kill bison however, especially cows and the young calves. There is a youtube video of a large grizzly killing an adult bison.

Is a sun bear stronger than a tiger?

This depends on the age and sex of either animal. Male sun bears are very defensive in defending territories, while bengal tigers are stronger in hunting. The question of who is stronger is a a little bit dependent.

Which is stronger Bengal tiger or a polar bear?

easy,tiger is stronger. tiger (4metre) is longer than bear (3.5 meter). bear is heavier so bear is slow.tiegr is faster than bear. but about polar bear ,he is fast than bengal tiger. but tiger is active than all bears.Bears are consider as tenth strongest living being in the world and tiger fourth. ( Full Answer )

Is a black bear stronger than a jaguar?

Yes. Black bears weigh 600 pounds, while jaguars weigh 250 pounds. A black bear might be even stronger than a tiger or a lion.

Is a polar bear stronger than a man?

Yes. A polar bear can drag a 880 pounded dead muskox on ice for a good place to eat no problem. A man has difficulties in pulling a 300 pounded piano.

Is a kodiak bear stronger than a crocodile?

Depends. Depends on the species, age and sex of the croc in question, and the age and weight of the Kodiak bear in question. Kodiaks are the second largest species of bear in the world (polar bears are the largest), so they may be able to be stronger than a small or medium-sized croc, but not agains ( Full Answer )

Are bears stronger than elephants?

No. An elephant can crush a car and knock down a bus. A polar bear would have difficulties doing that.

Is a polar bear stronger and bigger and more vicious than any other bear?

Kind of, sort of. They are the largest species of bear in the world, for sure, but as far as being "stronger and more vicious" that depends on your point of view. Polar bears are just as dangerous as any other bear, and probably are a little stronger than most other bears.

Why it was named andean condor?

Condor being the name of that particular bird, and Andean because they live in the Andes mountains from Venezuela to Argentina, But they mainly focus around the Andes in Peru.

Who eats andean condor?

Boa constrictors may prey on andean condors from ambush attack.American crocodiles and common caimans will eat condors if it getsnear the water.