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it is just an opinion , but i think it is the easiest because i can play it easier than the Heroic polonaise and sounds easier than all others

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Is the polonaise Nr1 Opus 40 the easiest piece of music of the all Chopin's Polonaises?

I would say that it is probably the easiest of the polonaises and its repetition makes it easier to learn. It is the one I learned first but it is by no means easy to play well. The first four polonaises, being opus 26 no. 1 and 2 and opus 40 no. 1 and 2, do not contain any severe technical hurdles and should be manageable by a post grade 8 pianist. All the others are impossible to anyone but the most talented of piano players.

What is a famous piece of music from Poland?

Chopin's Polonaise

Is Polonaise A flat major a symphony or chamber?

It's a short piece for solo piano, NOT a symphony.

When did Chopin first start making music?

His first piece was at age 7 "Polonaise in G Minor" <--- I think its the name of song

Is Chopin Grande Polonaise Brillante op22 a piano concerto?

No, it is not a concerto as the orchestra part only plays an introductory fanfare and a miniscule part in the centre of the piece. Furthermore Chopin arranged this piece as a piano solo. A concerto is based on movements and this piece certainly has no movements.

What are facts about on Chopins piece Nocturne?

Chopin's nocturnes are presumably a series of improvisations. He wrote 19 of them. The most popular nocturne among them are the No 2 in E flat: Op 9/2.

What is the easiest way to learn a hard piano piece in less than 2 weeks?

to listin

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Polonaise-fantasy for piano A flat major Op 53?

I'm not sure what the question is, but I will try to guess what you mean:The Polonaise in A-flat Major Opus 53 is one of Chopin's most famous works. Notice that it's just a Polonaise, not a Polonaise-Fantasy. You may be looking for the Polonaise-Fantaisie in A-flat Major, Opus 61; in which case I cannot help you.This polonaise though, nicknamed the "Heroic Polonaise", was written in a somewhat freer manner than most Polonaises. But nonetheless it is one of the most popular Chopin pieces to date and is still widely played by amateurs and professionals alike (an example of the former being yours truly). The piece is difficult to play at best; a notable example being the b-flat melodic minor ascension scale, which trips me up at least. I can't speak for others. Then we have the E-major section in the middle where the left hand plays on octaves; in a word: the weakling's nightmare. I don't mean offense to anyone; but if your left hand isn't strong enough, you can forget about playing this song unless you have the dedication to keep working at it until you can play the section with appropriate quality (I still can't, so please don't call me a hypocrite....I'm just warning you beforehand, it's a very difficult thing to play).Also, one must be careful to apply just enough rubato and not too much/too little to the song; in my opinion, Rafal Blechacz plays the song with just enough rubato, and Horowitz is an example of too little (though I'm sure I'm going to get flamed for this. PLEASE don't start screaming at me. I like Horowitz's playing too; I just think he could have used oh-so-slightly more rubato in his interpretation). Then if you look at some others, they use too much (I believe it was a Japanese person who did so in the International Chopin Competition).Enough about rubato; the last thing to mention is persistence. Since I am a piano noob, it took me two years to get this song to the point where it is actually playable; I still have not mastered the middle E-major section on octaves and cannot play the song through without mistakes. I suspect you are not such a noob as I am; and so you will have much less difficulty.Good luck!

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What are some of frederic Chopins compistions?

Frédéric Chopin is famous for his piano compositions. He wrote by far the most piano compositions as a composer. His etudes and preludes are very famous and acclaimed. He also wrote mazurkas, valses, sonatas, polonaises, nocturnes, scherzos and so forth. His most famous pieces are the revolutionary etude (op. 10 no. 12), ballade in g minor (op. 23) and nocturne posthume. His scherzos were very innovative, just like his preludes and etudes. (He was the first to compose a etude which was musically more demanding than technically demanding. His preludes are famous because they are all wonderful separate pieces, unlike other preludes (before Chopin) which needed be played before ('pre') another piece (for instance preludes and fugas by Bach)

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