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The most likely cause of this is simply that the drain hose or the drain it goes into has become kinked, or clogged with schmootz, (the lint and stuff carried in the drain water). Try cleaning both, the drain preferrably with a snake.

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What kind of washing machine will pump water 5 feet up when draining The basement laundry room's drain requires the washing machine to drain up?

None, but you could install a transfer pump to the drain hose of one.

What is the definItion of a filling machine?

A machine that fills things.

Do I need to use a special laundry soap with a front loading washing machine?

No a front loading washing machine does not need special laundry soap to function.

What would cause foul odor in bathroom when washing machine is draining?

Sounds to me like you have a clog in one of your pipes. This causes water from the washing machine to drain into other pipes instead of going down the main line properly. Check the bathtub when the washing machine is draining... they're notorious for filling with old yicky washing machine water! The clog can possibly be in a line ion the house, or possibly be caused by roots in the main line. Sounds like it's time to hire a plumber! Good luck!!

What do you call a person who does laundry?

A person who does the laundry is an automatic washing machine. Also known as a laundereror launderette.

Where can you do your laundry in Panama City panama?

In a washing machine.

What happens with iodine and laundry detergent?

washing machine :)

How much does it cost to purchase a base model filling machine in Dallas, Texas?

It costs about $2000 to $4000 to purchase a base model filling machine in Dallas, Texas. Read more at

How do you turn powdered laundry detergent into liquid laundry detergent?

Mix it with hot water, prior to adding it to the machine.

Where can I find a local Laundry Aide?

A laundry aid dispenser for use in a washing machine, the washing machine providing a housing having an upper surface, a washtub positioned within the

How does powdered laundry detergent work in a washing machine?


Will a laundromat accept a laundry detergent coupon for the detergent in their vending machine?

No you will not be able to use a laundry detergent coupon in the vending machine. In order to use these coupons you will have to purchase the detergent in the store.

What if the gas is leaking on the fizzy drinks machine is it dangerous?


You are in a foreign country and have a front load washing machine but can not find high energy laundry soap what can you do?

take the laundry to your mum.

How do you clean a basketball shooting sleeve?

You put in it in the laundry basket then in the washing machine the in the drying machine and your done!

What is in the filling of a twinky?

They take a machine and make 3 holes at the bottom. Then they put filling threw the holes.

What is the Commercial Laundry Equipment industry involved with?

The commercial laundry, dry cleaning, and pressing machine industry encompasses companies primarily engaged in manufacturing nonresidential laundry equipment.

Is laundry an adjective?

no it isn't a adjective it s what you a re doing and because laundry is movement because you are putting the in the washing machine or the dryer

Is it grammatically correct to say you will get look into it?

No. You can say that you will look into something, or that you will get someone to look into something, but you cannot say 'get look'. These are all correct: 'I will look into your problem with the leaking washing machine tomorrow.' 'I will get a plumber to look into your problem with the leaking washing machine tomorrow.' 'I will get your problem with the leaking washing machine looked into tomorrow.'

What is metal is used for the body of a laundry machine?

Aluminium alloys or steels

Henry built a machine that consisted mostly of ropes and pulleys The machine was designed to lift his dirty laundry from his basement bedroom up and over to the laundry room He placed a 20 pound bas?

Dumb waiter

How long does it take to do laundry?

I can do a load of laundry in about 30-45 minutes in the washing machine and about 1 - 1 1/2 half hours in the dryer.

How much water does doing the laundry use?

Too many variables to give a good answer. By hand? How much laundry? Front load machine? etc.

What causes a laundry tub faucet to hiss when turned off?

Causes of laundry is Bar,soap,soab,Laundry Gloves,pale,cub,Washing Machine, or many others That's all bye xD.....

What are the importance of laundry shops?

I work at an laundry shop and they are very important. For instance if people have a suit we can dry clean that or if their washing machine is broke we can wash their clothes for them.