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Is the pros and cons the same as the failure and success?


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No. Failure and success are the two possible results of attempting a task. Pros and cons are the reasons for or against attempting it in the first place.


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Popular blinds are not all the same and thus have different pros and cons. You need to look up the pros and cons of the individual blinds you are considering.

well the pros are that you can help pass our customs on to every1 but the cons are that we makin every 1 the same.

Here are some pros and cons of intelligence test: Pros - let you gauge your intelligence, sets a standard, gives something to strive for. Cons - not all intelligence in the same, performance on a test does not necessarily indicate intelligence, inflates egos.

he pros is that girls would be good at it and help the guys team. the cons are that girls wont be able to handle it and be badly injured.

pros Since the DNA will bethe same there will be no organ rejection Organs will be available on demand No organ donation risks Cons The process of extraction is dangerous It is very expansive

The Pros and Cons of Integration are: Pros Transfer Speed -With integrated software, there is no synchronization process since the solutions all share the same database. Cons Date Transfer -Since integrated solutions share the same database, there is no process of mapping codes between systems, which can reduce errors. Compatibility with other system -single-vendor solution

Pros are the same as with every sport with added adrenaline rush, the only con is high injury risk.

pros... Nuclear power costs about the same as coal, around 3 cent so it's not expensive to make

Pros: -Good beats -Unique instruments -Some artists are actually good singers Cons -Same tune and beat over and over -Autotunes to change peoples voices -Same topics that people sing about (Love and Parties)

Pro: everything is always changing.Con: nothing ever stays the same.

One of the cons of having the president and congress be from the same political party is that there might not be a balance and that it might not represent Americans properly. One of the pros of having the same political party for president and in congress is that there is less opposition to pass the bills and law that they want to pass.

how to start a new garment businee from home, what is pre-requisite for same and pros and cons

The HTC One S and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus have the same amount of pros and cons. This makes the choice personal preference, try each phone and see which one handles the best for what you want to do.

If a plant is cloned by taking cuttings of stems or leaves will the new plant be exactly the same as the mother plant

The pros of a stainless steel refrigerator is simply that it looks nice and it needs little cleaning to keep it looking nice. the cons are all in the price. you are going to pay a good amount more for something that will function the same as any non stainless steel fridge.

Well that would be a matter of personal opinion, not everyone finds the same cons and pros, some are dissatisfied by the quality of the software, others find it unreliable, expensive and not worth their money, while others find it very helpful and useful and less time taking then others.

Each outcome must be classified as a success (p) or a failure (r),The probability distribution is discrete.Each trial is independent and therefore the probability of success and the probability of failure is the same for each trial.

The pros of having a tumblr: You can find a lot of information about your interests by using tags and by following blogs that have the same interests as yours. You can discover new things and really just find a lot of information and entertainment and communities. The cons of having a tumblr: It's very time consuming and addictive.

Pros of diplomatic immunity focus on the fact that it protects those from other countries that must be in a different country for diplomatic purposes. Cons of it would be that these same people can break a law and not be punished for it.

Pretty much the same thing as the word 'con', as in 'pros and cons'. Contradict, converse (not the brand), etc.

Pros- the amazing adrenaline high everyday the power to control your own, even if youve limited your optons The escape from reality you get, a vacation from life. Cons- the lack of foood and mone (unless youve sorted it out) If you return, things will never be the same ( can be a pro) Lack of routine ( again, also can be a pro )

Which Beretta are you talking about? If made to the same specifications, the only real difference would be cost.

Some of the pros are that someone is not stuck with the same car for a sustained period of time, the car can be driven for a smaller amount of money per month, and the cars are protected by the dealerships so that they can have them later. Some of the cons are that someone does not actually own the car and the car is more expensive in the long run.

Wood fiber insulation is cheap and relatively easy to install. However, it does not have the same insulation factor level as fiberglass insulation.

I suppose failure can be considered a success if there is a trial and error sort of situation. This is because it leads you closer to the answer which is a sort of success. The same can be said of a scenario where a person learns from their failed attempt or poor decision. This makes them a better person who is wiser and more competent...a success in my book! Finally, if you set out to fail to prove a point then logically it could be a success in terms since you accomplished your goal, although this seems quite paradoxical!

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