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Q: Is the purple sea urchin a vertebrae?
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Is the purple sea urchin an invertebrae?

of course it is! look up sea urchin in the da dictionary!!!

What are the predators of kelp?

the purple sea urchin

What is the domain of a purple sea urchin?

A salt-water body. Like a SEA or ocean. It says in the name SEA urchin.

What colors can a sea urchin be?

the colors a sea urchin could be is black olive brown purple blue and red

Do purple sea urchins have an exoskeleton?

They do, which keeps the sea urchin strong and not brittle.

What do purple sea urchins eat?

The Purple Sea Urchin's diet consists of plants, animal matter, including algae, dead fish, sponges, decaying matter, mussels, barnacles, and kelp. The Purple Sea Urchin is the prey of crabs, sunflowers stars, snails, most birds, fish, sea otters, and humans. The Purple Sea Urchin is actually a delicacy in some countries.

Is the purple sea urchin a predator of humans?

No, not even remotely.

What is the weight of a purple sea urchin?

150 pounds and counting

Is a purple sea urchin a mammal?

A purple sea urchin is not a mammal. Mammals are vertebrates while sea urchins are invertebrates. Additionally mammals are warm blooded, have lungs, have fur, give birth to live young (with the exception of the egg laying platypus), feed their young on milk. I don't think a purple sea urchin any of those criteria.

What fish eat purple sea urchin?

Who wants to eat a pincushion?

Do sea urchines eat sea weed?

The purple sea urchin eats kelp and is getting to be something of a scourge.

What herbivores eat seaweed?

The purple sea urchin is devastating kelp forests.

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