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Where is the Drain Plug for the Radiator for a 1993 De-ville?

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Q: Is the radiator drain plug for a 1988 Cadillac Deville hidden under the solid metal seating?
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Where is the coolant bleed screw on a 2000 Chrysler 300M?

It is hidden on the intake near where the upper radiator hose attaches.

Where is the radiator drain plug on a 2000 Buick Regal?

Try either the bottom or rear of the radiator--perhaps hidden by lower hose

Where is the radiator plug on a 1997' Ford Mustang?

left hand side / bottom of the radiator as you are looking at it from the front of the is kinda hidden.

Where is the raidator plug for a 1991 GMC van Do you have a diagram?

Probably bottom of radiator or rear lower section--may be hidden by radiator hose

Where are the hidden vin locations for a 1972 ford mustang?

The hidden areas for the VIN are on the drivers side door and also on the radiator on the left side in the front.

How do you flush a radiator on Acura rl?

To flush a radiator on an Acura RL you will need to make sure the care is level. Remove the radiator cap from the radiator under the hood. Place a bucket under the radiator and remove the radiator plug. This is a white plug located on the bottom of the radiator which may be hidden by the splash guards at the front of the vehicle. After the radiator fluid has been drained replace the white radiator plug. Refill the radiator with coolant and replace the radiator cap.

How do you change the front drivers side window motor on a 98 Cadillac DeVille?

I own a 1998 Deville D'Elegance and had my Drivers Side power window motor go out, upon removing the door panel (the screws are hidden) I encountered a large metal plate covering the entire door, there didn't appear to be an easy way to remove it without disconnecting the side airbag and other items such as the door handle so I took it to my local Chevy dealer (after calling the Cadillac dealer for a quote) and had the motor, master window switch (the one in the drivers door that operates all 4 windows) and labor done for around $500. This is in NW Florida and was about a year ago.

Where is the block heater cord located?

if block heater has never been used, you will find the cord bundled up and hidden between radiator and grill

Locate reservior coolant on Kia 2001 Sportage?

Drivers side tucked up under the nose, beside the radiator. It is actually hidden there for what purpose I haven't a clue!!

Where is heat bock plug on f 550 ford?

if the block heater has never been used, it is usually rolled up and hidden out of site between the radiator and the grill of the vehicle

How do you take out the radiator for Chrysler Town and Country?

replacing a radiator for a Chrysler town and country can take quit a while depending on the year of the vehicle. i believe 96 and up start to get really difficult because you have to remove part of the grill and front end to get it out. also there are many hidden screws and nuts that you have to find.

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Where is the horn located in a 1986 Cadillac Seville?

This answer is not specific to your model but... most Cadillac horns are inside the front fenders just behind the headlights. There are likely four (yes 4) of them, two to a side, and they are all different. They play C F A and D notes. They may be hidden by other stuff such as the windshield washer bottle.

Does your 2009 F250 have a block heater?

most ford deiels have a block heater take a look between front grill and radiator to see if an electric cord is rolled up and hidden there pre 25 models the cord was in front of radiator on drivers side most now are in front of radiator on passenger side sometimes this cord is hard to get at as they are just rolled up and hidden there for shipping purpose once you find the cord just unroll it, and position it thru grill or bumper for easy access when u want to use it

Is radiator repair worth it when the radiator of an automobile has been damaged from a car accident, and is leaking?

It is best to consult a mechanic about something like this because if you drive with a broken radiator then you are at risk of damaging the entire engine. I would say if the radiator cracked during a car accident then it is best to get a new one. There could be hidden damage that you only see once the old one has been taken out. There are lots of reasons that a radiator would be leaking. Speak to a reputable mechanic about the best way to go. You must weigh the cost of repair against the cost of replacement vs. the benefit. If the damage is due to an accident, insurance will likely decide if the radiator needs replaced or if it can simply be repaired.

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Radiator flush Ford Ranger 1997?

The radiator drain is located under the radiator (you may have to raise your vehicle to spot it beyond the shield). (1)Remove radiator cap and attach a 3/8" diameter hose to the drain fitting to direct the coolant into a container and then open the drain fitting with a pair of pliers. (2)Flush radiator with fresh water from a garden hose until water runs clear through the plug. (3)Refill with 50/50 mixture of water and antifreeze. Piece of cake, huh!! The hardest part is locating the drain fitting which appears to be well hidden, but I think it is on the driver's side of the radiator. Good luck. By the way, intructions are from Haynes Repair Manual Ford Ranger 1993 - 2005.

Where is the low side coolant cap for a 95 Pontiac grand am?

It's just behind the radiator down low, in the center. It has a blue cap on it, you can't see it from above, best thing is to crawl under the nose and look just behind the radiator. Once you know where it is, you can reach for it from the top but it's almost completely hidden from view from above.

Where is the radiator drain plug in Ford Falcon au?

it's sought of hidden on the passenger side. at the bottom on the engine side of the radiator. it's a plug with a fitting for a stubby Phillips screwdrive or you can use a 123mm socket. not when you pull it out, on the end of the plug there is a hook which is meant to keep the plug from completely falling out so don't reef on the plug.

Where does the speed sensor acura 3.0 CL locate?

it is on the transmission . If you open the hood of ur car and look at it from the top view its actually sort of hidden between ur radiator and transmission. it is though on the actual tranni,

Where's the oil drain plug on a 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe?

Its hidden by the air dam under the radiator. You can remove air dam, only 5 bolts or just bend it down and remove plug.

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