Is the rank Command Sergeant Major 1 a high rank in the navy?

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Which Navy did you have in mind? There is no such rank in the US Navy. Command Sergeant Major is a high enlisted rank in the US Army, and denotes the senior NCO of whatever unit or element they hold the position in (it can be anywhere from Battalion to Army level).
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Which rank is higher than a Staff Sergeant?

In the US Army, the next rank above Staff Sergeant would be Sergeant First Class, followed by Master Sergeant and First Sergeant (both grade E8), then by Sergeant Major and Command Sergeant Major (both grade E9). Sergeant Major of the Army is the seniormost noncommissioned officer rank in the US Arm ( Full Answer )

What is the US Navy rank an?

AN indicates the rank of airman or E-3 in the field of aviation. not to be confused with the us airforce's use of the term airman to describe all of their personnell

What are the ranks in the U.S. Navy?

The U.S. Navy's rank structure is made up of 3 primary groups, withvariations on each: Enlisted - The enlisted community form thebackbone of the Navy, and are responsible for performing most ofthe shipboard or base operations on a daily basis. Enlisted sailorsare technical specialists in their fi ( Full Answer )

What is the history of the rank of sergeant major general in the military?

All information gleaned from the following website: Originally the King was the ultimate commander in times of war. He appointed Captains to run the wars. They were termed " Captain Generals" to denoted their rank of head of the war effort in an overall or ( Full Answer )

How do you address a command sergeant major?

In the Army, a Command Sergeant Major is addressed as "Sergeant Major". In the Marine Corps, a Command Sergeant Major is addressed by his full rank.

Ranks in the navy?

For Officers the ranks are: . Admiral of the Fleet . Admiral . Vice Admiral . Rear Admiral and Commodore 1st Class . Commodore . Captain . Commander . Lieutenant .

What rank is one rank lower than sergeant?

In the U.S. Army, the rank below Sergeant is either Corporal or Specialist. Corporals have leadership responsibilities, and specialists have skill responsibilities with fewer leadership tasks. In the Air Force the rank below sergeant is Senior Airman, and in the Marine Corps it is a Corporal. In th ( Full Answer )

How does a petty officer address a high ranking officer in the Navy?

The proper way to address any officer is "Sir" or "Ma'am", or by officer title (Captain, Commander, Lieutenant, etc., depending on if it's a male or female officer, or by simple eye contact to acknowledge respect. All active duty enlisted men or women, regardless of rank, salutes any officer, reg ( Full Answer )

Why was Alvin York promoted to the rank of sergeant?

Alvin York promoted to the rank of sergeant Alvin York was raised in Tennessee and was thought how to use a rifle gun. On October 1918,York was among a patrol of 17 men set out to stop the German machine guns keeping Americans from moving straight or forward. Alone, York treated fire with Germans ( Full Answer )

What is navy rank commodore?

The rank of Commodore isn't an actual Navy rank in modern times, and hasn't been since the days of sailing vessels. It's an honorary title, usually given to a senior Navy Captain in charge of a Squadron of Ships or Submarines. Given that Squadron unit commands are commanded by either Captains or ( Full Answer )

What is the rank of a driver in navy?

"Drivers" in the US Navy carry any and all ranks. Consider also that there are drivers for all types of equipment, and each has his own rating in the Navy. Rank has little to do with rating, MOS, or jobs in the military.

How is the rank of sergeant shown on army uniform?

It varies between uniforms. On the formal uniforms (Class A, Dress Blues), the rank insignia (three chevrons pointing upwards) is worn mid-sleeve on either side. If the trench coat is worn with this uniform, then metallic pin-on rank insignia is worn on the collar points. On the Class B uniform (d ( Full Answer )

Who has the higher rank sergeant major or captain?

A captain (officer) outranks a sergeant major (non-commissioned officer), but sometimes a sergeant major, especially if he or she is a Command Sergeant Major, may have more duty responsibilities.

What is the intermediate rank between an officer and a sergeant?

Commissioned officers and noncommissioned officers are in entirely different classes, altogether. In the US military, a Warrant Officer might be considered something of an intermediate between the two, but, generally speaking, comparing the two is like comparing apples and oranges.

Who is Command sergeant Major of The Army?

It's Sergeant Major of the Army, not Command Sergeant Major of the Army. The post is currently occupied by SMA Kenneth Preston, who has held the post since 2004.

What is a C1 navy rank?

There is no such thing as a C1 rank in the Navy, Marines, Army or Air Force. The only rank listings are E-1 to E-9, W-1 to W-5, and O-1 to O-10. Then there's the General of the Army, General of the Air Force, and the Fleet Admiral, but they are reserved for wartime only. To find what you may be loo ( Full Answer )

How do people make rank in the Navy?

They meet the requirements for promotion. They have to do their job well enough to be recommended for promotion. They have to have completed the appropriate course work. They have to appear before the promotion board, either in person, or via their service record. And they have to take a promoti ( Full Answer )

Is Warrant Officer a higher rank than Sergeant Major?

Yes and no. Sergeant Major is a position, not a rank, but it is always held by an E-9 enlisted man. A Warrant Officer was enlisted, but is now an officer. He ranks below the most junior commissioned officer but above the most senior enlisted.

What rank is Cm2 in the Navy?

2 is the rank of the sailor, indicating that they are a 2nd Class Petty Officer, an E-5. CM is the specialty of Construction Mechanic. Normally they are assigned to a Construction Battalion and work on heavy machinery, such as bulldozers..

Is there a rank of vice capatin in the navy?

No, there is no such rank in the US Navy. There is a Vice Admiral ranking. And the assistant to the commanding officer of a vessel is called the Executive Officer..

Is major sergeant a rank?

Sergeant Major is, but I'm unaware of any military which refers to it as "Major Sergeant".

What is the E-8 specialist rank compared with sergeant rank?

There is no Specialist Eighth Class in the US Army or Marines. Most specialist ranks were phased out in the 1980's. Specialist Fourth Class (Spec 4), paygrade E-4 is still awarded in the US Army for some MOS's.

What is the rank down form sergeant?

In the US Army, there's two ranks - Specialist, and Corporal. In the US Marines, it's just Corporal. The Specialist rank in the Army is not an NCO rank, whereas Corporal is.

Is sergeant higher rank than general?

No a Sgt is concerned a non-commissioned member of the army. A sgt is an average rank of a typical solider level, where a general is the highest rank in the army. There are several types of Sgt's in the US army - but never is any Sgt rank higher than a General.

What Army rank is equivalent to Navy Commander?

Lieutenant Colonel, also for Marine Corp and Air Force. The equivalent ranks are: Army / Marines / Air Force - Lt. Colonel (Silver Oak Leaf) Navy / Coast Guard - Commander (Silver Oak Leaf) Both pay grades are O-5.

What is the rank ITN 3 in navy?

There is no such thing as ITN in the Navy. There is IT which is Information Systems Technician. The 3 is their Rank, which would be 3rd class.

What is an Army sergeant with 20 years rank?

Your question is a bit vague. Assuming you're referring to the basic Sergeant rank (E5), you could be looking at a number of things. Someone who is only an E5 after 20 years of service... they either weren't a particularly great NCO, or they might have gotten into a career field with a low turnover ( Full Answer )

Can a command sergeant major command a company?

In the most unlikely situation, it could happen. By which, I mean a situation like this: the remainder of the battalion is wiped out, and every officer is killed (or else the surviving officers are just cherry Lieutenants). CSM is a battlion level or higher NCO grade. If you're joining the military, ( Full Answer )

Is Major and Lieutenant Commander the same rank?

Major (US Army, USAF, USMC) and Lieutenant Commander (US Navy, US Coast Guard and other uniformed services that use the Navy ranking system) are absolutely equivalent ranks . They are NOT subordinate to each other by the virtue of the rank alone. Although, there is a subtle difference. While L ( Full Answer )

How is the rank of a Sergeant army person indicated?

Three stripes/chevrons. In the US Army and Marine Corps, those three chevrons point upwards. In the Air Force, chevrons curve downwards (the Air Force has a very different rank system).

When was the rank of sergeant major established?

16th Century Europe, but in the U.S. the first official U.S. use of the term was in 1776, when a sergeant major was appointed to the headquarters of each infantry battalion of the Continental Army.

When and why did the US Navy discontinue the rank Warrant Officer 1?

The rank of Warrant Officer 1 (WO1 (W1) was discontinued by the Navy in 1975. The reason was that senior enlisted personnel would actually lose money on their payscale when promoted to WO1, leaving not much of an incentive to advance to the CWO ranks. The Navy now commissions all its CWO beginnin ( Full Answer )

Is the rank Tec 5 a sergeant or a corporal?

Neither. A Tech 5 was equivalent in pay to a Sergeant, but did not have a Sergeant's authority. The rank was done away with when it was replaced by the Specialist ranks, and there is currently no Tech 5/ Spec 5 rank - all Specialist ranks except for Specialist 4 have been done away with.

Which is higher ranked a commander or a major?

Commander is a rank exclusive to the Navy and Coast Guard, whereas Major is used by the Army, Air Force, and Marine Corps. Commander is pay grade O-5, which is equivalent to a Lieutenant Colonel in the other branches. Major is pay grade O-4, and is one rank lower.

What rank is about staff sergeant?

E-5 is Sergeant and E-7 is Gunnery (USMC) Staff is E-6. look for e-6 equivalent in whatever branch you need.

How can a corporal get promotion for sergeant rank?

Go to the E5 promotion board and pass it. Have the necessary amount of points for promotion to E5. Included in the points count are your PT score, rifle qualification score, any skill badges you've earned, any correspondence courses you've done, any higher education you've done (whether during or pr ( Full Answer )

What higher rank can demote a sergeant?

Any military demotion would have to be accomplished through an administrative disciplinary action or a courts martial. These are under the purview of the command the individual is attached to. The unit commanding officer or his designee could perform these actions, and as for rank, a commanding offi ( Full Answer )

Who is higher in rank a sergeant or a commissary?

Sergeant is a rank; "commissary" is a building or a function. The commissary building is the military equivalent of a grocery store, while the "commissary" function is to provide supplies to the troops. So, one of the mid-level people in the supply department might be a "commissary sergeant".