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The control center of the respiratory are found in the medulla and pons. Medulla or medulla oblongata and pons are part of the brainstem.

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What is a respiratory control center?

Respiratory control centers are located in the medulla and the pons. In the medulla the ventral respiratory group contains rhythm generators whose output drives respiration. Also in the medulla, the neurons of the dorsal respiratory group integrate peripheral sensory input and modify the rhythms generated by the VRG. The pons respiratory centers interact with the medulla centers to smooth the breathing pattern. The respiratory center (RC), itself, is located in the medulla oblongata, the lowermost portion of the brainstem.

Nerve impulses that stimulate inspiration originate in which respiratory center?

The Pontine Respiratory Group stimulates abnormal breathing, called inspiration, during inhalation. The PRG consists of a network of neurons located in the rostral dorsal lateral pons.

Nerve impulses from what will result in inspiration?

The ventral respiratory group (VGR), a network of neurons that extends in the ventral brain stem from the spinal cord to the pons-medulla junction, appears to be the rhythm-generating and integrative center of respiration.

What are the respiratory areas?

The components of the respiratory areas are widely scattered throughout the pons and medulla oblongata. Two parts of the respiratory areas are of special interest: the respiratory center of the medulla and the respiratory group of the pons.

Where in the medulla are the neurons that set the basic respiratory rhythm?

The answer is Ventral Respiratory Group or VRGIt contains the rhythm generators "whose output drives respiration".Hoehn, Marieb Human Anatomy & PhysiologyEighth Edition pg. 835

What is a group of neurons working together called?

A large group of neurons working together is called a brain. A smaller group is called a ganglion.

Site of respiratory rhythm and breathing in the brain?

The brainstem is the respiratory rhythm generator. It is involved in involuntary breathing. Within the brainstem, the ventral respiratory group and the dorsal respiratory group are responsible for generating breathing rhythm and the pontine respiratory group regulates the pattern of that rhythm.

What is the name of a group of nerve cells?

A group of nerve cells or neurons is called ganglia.

What is a basal ganglion?

A basal ganglion is any of a group of nuclei in the brain interconnected with the cerebral cortex, the thalamus and the brainstem.

Why is your respiratory system called a 'system'?

Because a system is a group of organs and respiratory has organs.

When was Center Theatre Group created?

Center Theatre Group was created in 1967.

What do the pneumotaxic center of the pons do?

The pneumotaxic center is aka pontine respiratory group (PRG). Its function is to inhibit inspiration, regulating inspiratory volume and rate. It can be considered an antagonist to the apneustic center which produces abnormal, deep, prolonged inspiratory gasps. Both of these structures are found in the pons of the midbrain.

What modifies the medulla centers?

The pontine respiratory centers influence and modify the activity of the medullary neurons. The pontine respiratory group, formerly called the pneumotaxic center qand other centers transmit impulses to the vrg of the medulla. this input modifies and fine tunes the breathing rhythms generated by the vrg durng certain activities such as vocalizationm sleep,and exercise. as you would expect from these functins, the pontine respratory centers, like the drg, receive input from higher brain centers and from various sensory receptors in the periphery.

What is smokers respiratory syndrome?

it is a group of respiratory symptoms seen in smokers; includes coughing wheezing, vocal hoarseness, pharyngitis, dyspenia, and susceptibility to respiratory infections.

What is the human respiratory system?

The respiratory system is the group of organs in the human body which work together to make you breathe.

What is the group of axons in the CNS?

A group of axons in the CNS is most likely referring to the tracts of neurons that are found in the spinal cord.

Which group of stem cells produce neurons?

Any stem cell can produce a neuron

What is chest physical therapy?

the term for a group of treatments designed to improve respiratory efficiency, promote expansion of the lungs, strengthen respiratory muscles, and eliminate secretions from the respiratory system.

Where the neural control centers of respiratory rhythm?

there is a specific group of cells found in the medula (part of the brain stem) which regulate the rhythm of breathing, hence the name (of this cellular formation) the Medulary Rhythmicity Center.

The respiratory areas are widely scattered throughtout the pons and of the brainstem?

The- respiratory group within the madulla oblongata regulates the basic rhythm of breathing.

Vatican City is in the center of what group?

Vatican City is the center of Catholicism.

What is the difference between a neuron and a nerve?

I'm almost positive that a nerve is a group of neurons bunched together.

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