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Is the root of a tooth ever considered before putting the bracket?

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Yes, that is why the dentist or orthodontist takes the proper x-rays before bracketing the teeth. Later during the treatment, root inclinations should be considered too, and that could only be seen if more x-rays (panoramic) are taken.

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What are the negatives of keeping a baby tooth that doesn't have a permanent tooth coming in behind it when the person has braces on?

I used to have braces and faced the same problem. Instead of putting a bracket on that baby tooth, they justleave the wire that connects the brackets near the top of the tooth. After you lose the baby tooth and the new one growns in, a bracket will be glued on.

How is a tooth pulled down into place when wearing braces?

Well they attach a bracket to the impacted tooth and then attach a chain to that bracket and then to your wire on your braces. Every time you go to the orthodontist, they remove a link in the chain and in before you know your tooth will break through the gum. I had this done about two years ago.

Is a tooth considered bone?

A tooth isn't just considered bone - it is bone.

What happens when a bracket on your brace is moving?

It is most likely detached from the tooth, the best course of action will be to consult an Orthodontist so they can re-glue the bracket. There are no real problems, it just means that particular tooth with no bracket won't be moved by the braces, but it will probably be moved by the other teeth around them.

Is a mammoth's tooth considered a fossil?

Yes, a mammoth tooth would be considered as a fossil.

How do you get a tooth out fast?

Rip it out by putting your right/left hand's index and thumb on the tooth and grip tightly and pull it out.

Will it be a problem if your daughter's baby tooth fell out when she is getting braces on tomorrow?

no it will grow back and once it does fully the orthodontist will put a bracket on taht tooth too.

What is considered a caries in the dental field?

caries in the dental field is part of tooth decay that consists of the decalcification of the enamel of the tooth. In other words this is considered tooth decay.

What would be considered as braces breaking?

Broken braces (brackets)Broken wiresLoose bandsLoose bracesWires sticking out

Does it hurt getting your gums cut open to attach a bracket to a tooth inside your gums?

yes yes yes

Does pop wreck braces?

The sugar in it does. This is why you cannot chew sugared gum. It de bonds the glue off the tooth/bracket.

If a bottom wisdom tooth is horizontally impacted and not erupted could it still you putting pressure on the tooth next to it and causing pain along the jaw?


Do they remove the cap before they pull the tooth?

No, they just remove the tooth whole.

Why is a tooth considered a bone?

Because like bones,it does not decompose. So it is considered a bone.

What do the dentist give when putting you to sleep before cutting a wisdom tooth?

they will normally inject a local aneasthetic to numb the pain. you will then experience numbness in your jaw. Once the aneasthetic takes affect, the only feeling you will have is your tooth being pulled out. no pain. maybe slight pain. Source: i am a dentist

How do you bond brackets?

There are many steps to bond orthodontic brackets but usually this is the process: First the teeth are cleaned using pumice to remove any debris. Second the teeth are acid etched between 15 and 40 seconds, and the teeth are given a good rinse followed by a blast of air to dry them. Next, a bonding agent is placed on the tooth surface where the bracket is going to be placed, and on the back of the bracket as well. Some clinics will place ortho cement on the back of the bracket for better adhesion. Finally the operator places the bracket directly on the prepared tooth surface, adjusts it as necessary, and light cures it to set the bracket it place.

Are your parents the tooth fariy?

yes because i woke up at midnight(i wasnt asleep) only to find my mum taking my tooth and putting down a £5 note

What does it look like when an adult tooth grows in before the baby tooth falls out?


Can you eat before you have a tooth pulled?

Yes, you can eat before you have a tooth pulled.Check this out with your dentist, please: If your dentist will be using a general anesthetic, it IS NOT a good idea to eat before your appointment.

Will you get money from the tooth fairy without the tooth?

No sorry. I have tried that before when I was little. The tooth fairy knows when you actually lose your tooth, like how Santa knows when you're good or bad.

Is it true you have to lose a tooth before six o clock at night for the tooth fairy to come?

no you can loose your tooth anytime any way the tooth fairy is just your mom and dad

Can you get braces if you have a loose tooth?

Yes you can! I had not lost all my baby teeth before I had braces, so they simply removed them and put the brackets on around the gaps. An orthodontist will most likely put the braces on, but skip your loose tooth, as the brackets are put on individually. Once it falls out and starts to grow in, they'll put a bracket on it to join the others in the treatment. Hope this helps!

How do you stop bleeding after tooth extraction?

you just keep putting the cloth/cotton wool on it and that's all you can do...

Why is the tooth decay considered a digestive system problem?

Your teeth are part of your digestive system. Tooth decay weakens a tooth and affects the way a person bites and chews food.

How do you smoke with fresh tooth extractions?

Apply some clove oil to the place where your tooth was before smoking.