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yes the selebi will be level 200 and it has 9999 stats of everything

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2009-08-10 02:59:24
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Q: Is the rumors true about that on Pokemon sapphire and ruby that if you breed a boxfull of eggs will the final egg turn into celebi?
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Will they remake Pokemon sapphire and ruby?

I don't think so actually rumors are going they are aquasapphire laveruby or something but they might

How do you become an astronaut on Pokemon Sapphire?

You cannot become an astronaut in Pokémon Sapphire, all those rumors out there about becoming an astronaut and getting to the moon to get Deoxys are completely false.

What is the shrine for in Pokemon Crystal?

It was for catching celebi in the Japanese version, but the GS ball wasn't programmed into the English version for some reason. Oh, and the rumors saying you still can use the shrine are false. The only true way to get celebi is by a gameshark.

How do you get to space in Pokemon Sapphire?

There is no way to get to space. The Space Center's rockets do not go anywhere, and anyone who tells you otherwise is spreading false rumors.

Is it true you can get Celebi in Pokemon platinum without going to an event?

Rumors are after you beat the elite 4 10 times you go to the solaceon ruins,go to the bottom of the cave,read the message twice,kill 100 unkowns,and then celebi will be the next Pokemon you see(to catch him you have to stay in the room the whole time).I'm not sure if it's real

Where is Celebi on pokemon gold?

nowhere hes only obtanible via gameshark or a cheating device or a Nintendo event rumors say that capturing all unknown and having the 6 letters in order of celebi in your party triggers him at the shrine after using sweet cent on the shrine but nothings been confirmed

Where to catch munchlaxs?

Slather honey on trees.Make sure every tree is slathered.It will take quit a while but it will eventually appear.Only can be received in Pokemon Diamond, Pokemon Pearl,Pokemon Platinum.There are also rumors in XD Gale of darkness and can be transported Pokemon Emerald, Pokemon Fire red, Pokemon Leaf Green, Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire... For more information.Go

Are Joe Jonas and Sapphire Gaston going out?

There is never any mention to Joe dating a "Sapphire", but there have been rumors of him dating Chelsea Staub or Taylor Swift, neither being confirmed.

What Pokemon that are legendary in Pokemon White that you can catch?

In pokemon white, you can catch Victini (limited offer that has already expired), Kyurem, Thundurus (runs first time, I suggest master ball), if someone gives you Tornadus, you can get Landorus in abundent shrine, Zekrom, Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion. Rumors say you can get these too, Reshiram, Zorua if you have a celebi, Zoroark if you have one of the kanto beasts (rumors say you can make eggs of the last two of them). You can also get a Volcarona and Larvesta if you want to consiter them legendary, but you can put them together in the day-care to make eggs.

Will there be remakes of Pokemon Ruby?

Rumors of a possible confirmation of a remake to the games Ruby and Sapphire had been leaked around the web for awhile now so it's quite possible but don't get any hopes up as the current project for Gamefreak is Generation IV or Pokemon X and Y versions.

Can a Pokemon be higher than level 100?

no, but some rumors say that its possible on Pokemon black and white.

Pokemon ermarald Celebi?

Hi, great question! OK, what you need is a Japanese Nintendo Gamecube, a Japanese Gameboy Advanced, Japanese version of Pokemon Emerald and a Japanese version of Pokemon Coliseum. Remember how on the American version of Coliseum on the bonus disk you got Jirachi? Well, on the Japanese version, you get Celebi. After getting Celbi on your Jap. Emerald, you just trade it over to your US Emerald. I've heard rumors that trading between Japanese and Us games will crash both games, forcing you to restart, but no one is confirming this, so you're free to try. Good luck!

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