Is the science test different in the US than the one in Canada?

I'm not positive what you mean when you say "the science test." Unlike the UK, the US doesn't have an organized system of testing for all students. This is partly because higher education in the US in generaly goes to those who can pay for it, not necessarily those who are brightest. (Example: a very indifferent student can still go to Harvard, the nation's top university, as long as his father has the wealth & connections to get him in. He can even go on to become President of the US). There are very few state-funded scholarships. Many students and their parents borrow heavily to finance an education. Many Universities admit students partly based on their SAT scores. The SATs include mathematical tests, and tests of verbal and written communication. There is a science componant, but the total SAT score is what matters. And, students with relatively poor SATs may still get into good Universities, especially if their parents are wealthy. Of course, for the most part the same types of information are covered in science courses on both sides of the Canada/US border. If that doesn't answer your question, please edit it or post a more specific one. Neither Canad or the U.S. have natinal testing of sutdents. Some states or proivinces may, but education is under the control of state in the U.S.A. and provinces in Canada. I know in may provinces, the exams even differ from school board to school board. Not very logical, is it?