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No, it is not.

In Islam, confession of sins is between the sinner and His/Her Creator without anyone whoever in between. You ask God, only God and no one else, for forgiveness.

The second Pillar of Islam is Salat, or prayer. Muslims pray five times throughout the day to constantly thank God for that we are blessed with.


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By confession and genuinely repenting for your sins.

In the Roman Catholic sacrament of confession, you confess your sins to a priest.

You need to tell your sins to a priest in a Roman Catholic ritual of confession.

The Sacrament of Reconciliation (also known as Penance or confession) where one goes and genuinely confesses his or her sins to a priest who hears their confession and absolves them of their sins with God's authority.

it means confessing your sins

by confessing your sins In Islam, confessing sins does not absolve you from sin. Confession before a priest may be a ritual in Christianity. In Islam, you have to confess your sins before Almighty Allah, feel repentance and remorse and promise to lead a chaste and noble life in accordance with the teachings of Islam. However, Allah Almighty is Oft-forgiving. He may forgive whatever He likes. He is Merciful beyond our imagination.

They confess it by asking the priest to do a confession. A confession is when you confess your sins in front of the priest. The priests promises to keep it a secret forever.

The shift from confession to reconciliation happened after the Second Vatican Council. The change signified that the Church wanted people to understand that their sins were forgiven. Less emphasis was put on guilt and damnation to Hell, and higher emphasis on forgiveness if the person repented of their sins.

Going to confession is not important, but confessing our sins to God is very important. God has made it possible for us to come to Him directly for the forgiveness of our sins. This means we don't need to go to confession to confess our sins before a minister or priest. We can go directly to the Lord in prayer.

You confess your sins to a priest, who, through Jesus, forgives you of them.

No, We confess our sins to God directly.

As you put the question, no, you must go to confession once a year, regardless, and you must go to confession anytime that you are in mortal (serious) sin. Without going to confession you may not receive Holy Communion without damning yourself. Those are the only times that you are required to go to confession.Outside of that, you need to go to confession regularly if you have any desire whatsoever to grow in the spiritual life, and obtain heaven. Once a month is the absolute minimum for that.

God forgives their sins in the same way as He forgives the sins of Muslims or Buddhists or Hindus or... He forgives them if they repent. As Jews are not Catholics (or Orthodox), they cannot go to confession.

1.)examine your conscience. 2.)be sincerely sorry for our sins. 3.)confess your sins to the best of your ability. 4.)resolve to amend your life. 5.)after your confession,do the penance the priest gives you.

* Examine your conscience thoroughly * Be sincerely sorry for your sins * Confess your sins to the best of your ability * Resolve to amend your life * After your confession, do the penance the priest gives you

They must be forgiven in private confession by a priest.

It shows that you are humble and you aren't a Pharisee.

Confession reconciles a sinning person to God. Repentance means making amends and demonstrating remorse for sins.

After you confession your sins, the priest asks you to make a good act of contrition. This is extremely important as without real contrition AND a firm purpose of amendment your sins are NOT forgiven even when he gives you absolution. He then gives you a penance to perform and then he absolves your sins and dismisses you.

He has to hasten to repent from this guilt & attends all the prayers on their specific times. The Almighty Allah likes those who repent to Him & not insist on their sins. keep in mind that the 5 prayers are the second pillar of Islam & praying is a duty & must on EACH Muslim.

When you admit your sins to a priest it is called a confession. Some say it is better to confess your sins to a higher power so that it is only between you and them.

Nothing. To pay for confession is considered simony.

to be forgiven of sins before the next life

No, no one can take away someone else's sins, they must go to the Sacrament of Confession.

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