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Is the sentence you were watching TV when the phone rang correct?


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If the sentence is:

"You were watching TV when the phone rang."

Then that is correct.

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my phone rang in a constant pattern.

Example sentence - He lost his concentration when the phone rang.

I was amassing my things when suddenly, the phone rang.

No. "I have rung" or "I rang" would be correct.

The adverb in the sentence is out, modifying the verb rang (rang how, rang out).

When I lived in Spain I learntSpanishlived = past simple / learnt = past simple.While I was watching the Tv the phone rang.was watching = past continuous / rang = past simpleBy the time we got to the station the train had = past simple / had left = past perfect.

We jumped out of bed when the alarm rang. The kids went out for recess when the bell rang. She woke up from her nap when the phone rang. When Grandma rang the dinner bell, we all rushed to the table. When the fire alarm rang, we left the building.

The professor glared at her when her phone rang for the third time.

Lying on the couch when the phone rang, she lethargically reached for it in her drugged stuppor.

Only if you use was or were with it egI was opening the door when the phone rang.They were watching Tv last night.

You must say "I have rung" or "I rang".

yesterday we went to the store is an example.Please return the favor and answer one of my questions!!I hope that helpsTo write a past simple sentence the verb is in the past tense. The past of run is ran.I run to school everyday. -- present.I ran to school yesterday. -- past.To write a past continuous sentence the be verb must be in the past form. The past of am/is is was and the past of are is were.She is watching TV. They are watching TV. -- present continuous.She was watching TV. They were watching TV. -- past continuous.I was watching TV and the phone rang. -- past simple and past contiuousThese are the basic past tenses.

There was a commotion when the bell rang.

I was just about to answer the phone when the doorbell rang.I'm hoping that the doctor is about.I'm seeing about that problem right now.

No. The correct way to say it would be, "when midnight was rung in."

(Was is used as a past tense He was the top graduate in his class. She was leaving when the phone rang. Tonight I was going to go to McDonald's for dinner, but I changed my mind.

The bailiffs are responsible for keeping order in the court. The bailiffs followed James out of the courtroom when his cell phone rang during the hearing.

The phone rang while she was ironing

His ardent plea rang hollow.

The cyclist rang his bell.That seems to ring a bell with me.When the fire bell rang, everyone calmly exited the building.

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