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It has been stated that if the sequel ever does get made- it will more than likely not be like the original second movie because the remake for the first film was already set in the mentor's native homeland. So it will probably try to be more of an original idea.

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Yes Karate Kid 2 is currently in development. Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan have signed on to do the sequel.

Which karate instructor in what movie or show? The karate instructor in the original Karate Kid was Pat Morita. His opposition was originally going to be played by Chuck Norris, but he didn't like the character.

A sequel has yet to be announced for The Vampire's Assistant movie, therefore at the moment there is not going to be a sequel.

As of now, there is no set sequel. Please understand that this movie was meant to be a sequel to the original Disney movie, bringing in elements that were left out in that version but present in the original book.

YES! There is TOTALLY going to be a sequel i'm going to direct it when i grow up

Yes there is going to be a sequel

There is talk that there will be a sequel, but that they are still talking to the actors about that idea. Without the actors a sequel will be hard to make

No. The third remake of the original was cancelled so there naturally can't be a third remake of Halloween 2. The next Halloween movie will be a direct sequel to the original.

Jonathan Breck plays the Creeper in the original movie and the sequel. He also plays the bald cop in the original movie.

they are making the sequel called the sea of monsters in 2012.

There isn't actually a movie sequel to the original, but the story more or less continues in the TV show. Same characters, and the plot picks up a few weeks after the end of the movie.

Probably. A sequel to Hannah Montana the movie.

that one old guy from the original Karate Kid movie

Probably because at the end of the movie Dylan and Josh start talking about a sequel!

No indication that there will be, but that can change any time.

no i am so sorry but no there is not ok

For the moment it looks like they are going to be making a karate kid 2 movie on 2013 but no-one knows for sure

House 2; there are probably a lot though.

karate kid (AWESOME MOVIE!)

there was no sequel to get smart, the episode with the gong was the last in the series. there was a movie a little later, but all of the original stars were in it.......

A sequel to the LEGO Movie is scheduled to be released in 2019

As far as we know, no. This movie was meant to be a sequel to the Disney version, adding the left out parts that were in the original book.

It's just a remake. I don't remember what year the original movie was released in.

Yes- but it is unknown when it will be released. It is going to be foreshadowed in the sequel to "Man of Steel".

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