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Shamans can make criticals way more than evolved shamans, but when it comes to PvP, shamans are history.

Shamans can do one successful critical with dry lighting, but only once and a few more after that due to bad mana regeneration, the shaman has to rely on the first 2 attacks which do a critical.

Evolved shamans can use freezing flame to stun the shaman so who knows if that guy's lucky enough to use dry lightning. Once the evolved shaman stuns, he doesn't stop that easily. So ultimately the evolved shaman keeps stunning until the shaman loses.

So in this guy's opinion, evolved shamans are better. Here are some genreal tips:

Shaman: A high damage dealer. Cannot solo or heal. Bad mana regen. Needs team to help survive all the time. Can deal criticals overtime.

Evolved Shaman: Great team support. Can solo efficiently. Cannot deal high damage. Can heal pretty good for the team, can stun very nicely. Has a nice buff and debuff. Better mana regen than the shaman. Usually relies on freezing flame for damage.

In the end, it depends on how well you can play either class.

Note: Shaman is the best just get 3 wiz 1 luck or 3luck 1 wiz is good enough

Shaman may have a lack of mana but not that bad. so i suggest SHAMAN IS THE BEST

Another Note: It is been Discussed that Original class is the best.

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Q: Is the shaman or evolved shaman better in AQWorlds?
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Which is the better class in aqw evolved shman or shaman?

Evolved Shaman is better.

Where do you go to get evolved shaman class in aqworlds?

you can get it either at the girl in battleon.(shes wearing evolved shaman) costs 2000 ac or get it at the shop in arcangrove where u normally get regular shaman. you need rank 10 arcangrove

What is the best enhancements for evolved shaman in aqworlds?

the best enhancement for shaman and other things is lucky even for armour,weapon,heads and cape

Should you get paladin or evolved shaman in aqw?

I would prefer evolved shaman it is way better then paladin by overall spells.

What is better shaman or evolved shaman?

evo.shamenExtra info:Evolved Shaman: weakness Elemental Grasp doesn't lastShaman: Mana doesn't regenerate fast enough

Is necromancer better than evolved shaman?

Obviously it is. Necromancer isn't as good in pvp as evo shaman. But it's better in skills, and against monsters. It heals better, and it can solo, and evo shaman doesn't solo or heal good

What is the difference between shaman and evolve shaman in aqw?

Evolved shaman is better for teams but cannot deal high damage and can solo bosses efficientlyand heal. Shaman is a high damage dealer but cannot heal like evolved or solo, needs a team to be efficient.

What is rep for in AQWorlds?

it lets you buy certain stuff, like if you get rank 10 rep for arcangrove, you can buy shaman and evolved shaman classes. rank 10 doomwood, you can buy NUE necromonian and you must need it to buy necromancer class, unless you want to spend REAL U.S. MONEY to buy acs and use them to buy necromancer and evolved shaman.

Which is better shaman or evolved shaman?

I would say shaman is better because shaman can do alot of dmg also it can healShaman cannot heal fast at all and it only heals it self (not good for a support class), it has mana issues and con only work in a team in most cirumstances.Evolved Shaman can do progressivly higher damage and DoT this means that given enough time (stun useful for that) it can solo anything that is not immune to a stun.HOWEVER!Random nature of Evolved Shaman makes it unlikely that it can keep endlessly stunning.

What is the best evolved shaman or shaman?

Shaman is better (once reached rank 5) ithrows on more damage and energy embrace strengthens it. It also has a higher crit and it can higher it's crit chance.

Is evolved shaman the best class in aqworlds?

No class* is the best but its ONE of the best farming classes and pretty good at soloing cause it can freeze bosses. *not the NO CLASS* :)

How do you get shaman class in AQWorlds?

You have to get rank 10 reputation with arcangrove and buy it

What is the highest critdamage weapon in AQWorlds?

I believe the highest damage was 64k, with Shaman Class.

What is the best weapon for evolved shaman?

Talons of nulgath

Should you buy evolved shaman or vindicator of they?

you should get vindicator of they class,evolved shaman is good and does great damage,but vindicator does higer crits,especially with the give me your half skill

What is greatest class at AQWorlds?

The best classes are the ones hardest to get like necromancer, Vindicator of they and Shaman

AQW how to get evolved dragonlord?

You can't get Evolved Dragonlord in AQWorlds. But you can in DragonFable. I'm assuming when evolved dragonlord will come out it will be DRAGONLORDS ONLY.

Is evolved shaman better than elemental dracomancer?

Elemental dracomancer is better cause it has pretty good haste and it can regain mana. Evolved shaman on the other hand doesn't hit as many criticals and it doesn't heal as good,healer heals better. It also uses more mana, it doesn't have that good abilities, it doesn't do anything but stun the opponent and lowers their haste, dracomancer increases your haste and it also stuns the opponent and burns them. It may be harder to earn reputation in etherstorm but it's worth it. You could also buy elemental dracomancer from itzachi for 2000 ac's (same for evolved shaman).

How do you get shaman class in Adventure Quest World?

Shaman class is Rank 10 Arcangrove Reputation. Type /join Arcangrove, and then talk to Rayst The classes "Evolved Shaman" and "Shaman" can be bought in his Rep Shop.

What armour can you change the colour of on adventure quest worlds?

evolved shaman class

What is best enhancement for evolved shaman class in aqw?

All is Wizard.. Trust me :)

What s the duration of elemental grasp on evolved shaman class in aqw?

The shaman's elemental embrace lasts for 60 seconds and so the elemental grasp should be about 60 seconds as well.

What is a game better than RuneScape?

I think aqworlds because it has better graphs or club penguin and others ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yeah, definatly AQWorlds is better :)

What is the strongest class in AQWorlds?

I strongly suggest that Shaman is the strongest. the wiki for aqworlds says it recommends it for bosses and hard to beat battles. But if you want the second best I suggest Ninja, Doom-knight or Dragonslayer. Please keep this wise answer in mind!!

Aqworlds can you defeat miltonius?

get enforcer to use event horizon rouge to stay alive and necro,shaman and dragonlord to kick butt

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