Is the smallest continent in the world larger than the largest country?


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the smallest continent is smaller than the largest country

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The largest continent is Asia at 17,212,000 sq mi (44,579,000sq km). The smallest continent is Australia at 2,967,909 sq mi (7,686,850 sq km). That means that Asia is approximately 5.8 times bigger than Australia.

Asia has the larger area. It is the largest continent.

Asia. Australia is the smallest continent.

The largest continent is Asia. If you meant to say "Which Continent is larger?" Then the answer is south America

Suriname is a Dutch speaking country in South America. It is the smallest country on the continent. However, it is larger than French Guyana, which is a territory in South America that belongs to France.

Africa is larger. Africa is the second largest continent while Antarctica is the fifth.

larger than the smallest

Yes, Australia is the smallest continent in the world.

South America; Australia is the smallest continent while South America is the fourth smallest continent.

Usually the continent is larger - for instance the countries of the US and Canada are both in the North American Continent.However there is one exception where a country and continent are the same size - Australia.

India is a country that is in Asia. The continent of Asia is larger than the continent of Africa.

Antarctica is larger than Australia. Australia is the smallest continent.

No, it is larger than for example Belgium. The smallest 'country' in Europe is actually Vatican City.

The largest amoeba is more than 2,500 times larger than the smallest bacterium.

Australia is a continent (as well as a country). It is not connected to anything larger.

Yes, Africa is the second largest continent. Asia is the largest, and North America is the third largest.

The smallest positive integer is 1. The largest negative integer is -1. 1 > -1

every state is larger than a country, for vatican city is the smallest country in the world, and even rhode island is larger

Smaller. A state is a part of a country. A country is on a continent. As far as I am aware Austraila is the only country that has it's own continent. thanks

From largest to smallest: kilogram, then gram, then milligram.

Ukraine,the largest country located completely on the European continent, is bigger, at 603,628 square kilometers.Spain is significantly smaller, at 504,030 square kilometers.

Vatican City is the smallest nation on earth, so Nauru is larger. Nauru is the smallest republic on earth.

Continent are larger than countries. However, Russia, Canada, the US, China, and Brazil are the only countries to be larger than a continent. Australia is the only country to also be a continent.

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