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No, it is not on the original Twilight soundtrack of the original score.

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What was the song played in the restaurant in twilight?

The song being played in the background is called "Never Think" By the man himself, Robert Pattinson. It is also on the Twilight sound trackGreat Song :)

Why isn't let me sign on my twilight soundtrack?

The song "Let Me Sign" is not on the soundtrack because it is a bonus track and will be available when Twilight is released on DVD if you buy the 2-disc Special Disc Edition.

What is the difference between a sound track and a single?

A single sound track only has one song on it and a sound track has many

What is the song that Robert Thomas Pattinson song in twilight?

The song that Robert Pattinson sings in twilight is Never Think and another called Let Me Sign

What is the song played during the bite scene in Twilight?

the song is called let me sign by Robert pattinson

What is the name of Robert Pattinson's other song in Twilight?

he has 2 song in twlight:never think & let me sign

When does the song let you sign appear in twilight?

I believe you mean the song 'Let ME sign'. It's played when Edward ir sucking the venom out of Bella.

Song name on twilight DVD commercial?

"let me sign" by Robert Pattinson

When was the song by Robert Pattinson Let Me Sign wrote?

He wrote it for Twilight, so i guess before Twilight was made. 2008.

Who wrote the song Lodi?

The song Lodi, from the sound track Veer-Zaara, was written by Madan Mohan.

What is the song playing in the bloodsucking scene in twilight?

Its by Rob but its not on the cd. Its called Let me Sign

How can you get the song 'let me sign' by Robert Pattinson on your iPod?

Buy the Twilight Soundtrack on iTunes. It has that song as a bonus on it.

What song plays in Twilight while Edward is sucking Bella's blood?

The song is called Let Me Sign by Robert Pattinson.

Why isn't let me sign in the twilight soundtrack?

it is. if you cant find it, search let me sign with download link. this will let you download the song.

Who sang the song let you sign in the movie twilight?

i don't know but i think you mean let me sign (if so Robert pattinson)

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