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  • Often the wedding planner is not invited to the rehearsal dinner, but if the couple want to invite the wedding planner they should also invite his or her's spouse.

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With your wedding planner being such an important part of the event, and more than likely, at the rehearsal, yes, it is appropriate to invite your planner. Because circumstance differ, there are exceptions. Many times the planner will be busy finalizing details and will declline. Depending on the formality of the dinner, she/he may just stop by and make an appearance for a few minutes.

Normally the Maid of Honor hosts the rehearsal dinner and if you have a planner or officiant they will conduct the rehearsal of the ceremony. That way the rehearsal dinner is more personalized.

* Unless the wedding photographer is a friend of yours then no, he/she is not invited to the wedding rehearsal dinner. It's generally the bride, groom, their parents, bridesmaids, maid of honor (flower girl or ring bearer if you are having either or both.)

YES! how will you know if you got invited?

Yes, the father and mother of the groom are invited to the wedding rehearsal dinner along with the maid of honor; bridesmaids; flower girl (if one) ring bearer (if one); best man and ushers.

To ask a Minister to a rehearsal dinner is up to the couple that is getting married. Most often the Minister is not invited to the rehearsal dinner, but if he is a good friend of the families then by all means invite him.

To host a budget wedding rehearsal, you will need to get the entire wedding party on board. Then you can rent a small hall and have a potluck dinner.

yes they are invited it depends thou if they want to come or not.

Traditionally it is the Groom's family who will pay for the rehearsal dinner.

Traditionally, The groom's parents pay for the rehearsal dinner, the wedding flowers, the honeymoon, and the alcohol for the reception.

A Wedding Rehearsal Dinner can last as long as the bride and groom want it to last. It is generally two to three hours.

To host and pay for the rehearsal dinner.

immediate family as well as anyone playing an actuall role in the wedding. If you are having the rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding, it is also traditional and appropriate to invite out-of-town guests. This is a good show of hospitality, and keeps your guests from having to sit around their hotel room or wander around a strange town looking for somewhere to eat/something to do.

The rehearsal dinner is usually given by the parents of the groom. The rehearsal dinner is right after the rehearsal.

at the same place the wedding is being held

A lot of people these days hire a wedding coordinator. The wedding coordinator coordinates everything including the rehearsal dinner and rehearsal, the flowers, the music, lighting reception venue etc.

The dinner generally follows an afternoon rehearsal, so no separate invitation is needed. Just notify them of the rehearsal time and date with the addition of " Dinner to follow at [ time]PM [ and place] The Chart House.[EX].

A rehearsal dinner isn't a formally defined event. The best thing to do is invite close family and anyone who you feel should be there and of course the wedding party.

A wedding rehearsal dinner depends on the restaurant where everyone goes so the prices vary. It is generally the groom's father that pays for the rehearsal dinner and if the father can't afford the cost then a nice buffet or even a BBQ (depending on the time of year) at the groom's parents home would suffice.

There were exactly 1,900 people who were invited to the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Even if you are paying for the rehearsal dinner for your son's wedding you should at least get your son and his bride a gift and if this is not appropriate for certain cultural weddings and money is the gift then give only what money you can afford.

Well a wedding rehearsal dinner cost a lot of money. The bride, and groom are expected to pay for the guess. So you don't want to invite everyone expected to show up at the wedding. You just want to invite the people in the wedding party. You want to thank them for being apart of the wedding, and that's mainly what the dinner is for. You can also invite close family member.

I think the groom's family as the the bride's payes for the rest

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