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No, while the Titanic and its tragedy were real, Jack and Rose are simply fictional characters.

There was a trimmer aboard name John Dawson who died when the ship sank, but this is purely coincidental. Besides, he was Irish and his name was John.

There are some rumours that the love story between Jack and Rose was based on a true story. But they are just that: rumors, spread by those who, for whatever personal reasons, need to believe that a fictional story is real.

I mean, there are people who think Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees are real, too. Claims that Jack and Rose are real are no more credible.

If you do a few simple internet searches, you could find hundreds, even thousands, of websites claiming that the moon landings were faked, or that aliens built the pyramids. For that matter, you can find Discussion board posts here on WikiAnswers claiming that Michael Myers or Freddy Krueger or Jason Voorhees are real. Anyone can post information on the internet and claim that it is fact.

All web sources that have even a shred of credibility on this topic (Wikipedia, Yahoo Answers, the Internet Movie Database, Chasing the Frog,, will tell you that Jack and Rose are fictional characters.

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Q: Is the story of Jack and Rose in Titanic real?
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Is jack and rose a true story in the Titanic?

no... jack and rose were not real in titanic...:(

Is the Jack and Rose story real?

No. Jack and Rose from Titanic are fictional characters, not real people.

What is the real story of Jack and Rose?

Jack and Rose from the film "Titanic" were fictional characters.

Was Jack really on the Titanic and was the love story with him and Rose true?

No. Jack and Rose were not real people.

Is Jack and rose from the Titanic true?

the characters from "titanic" in your case, " jack and rose" are not in the true story. the true story is that a ship " titanic" crashed and broke. but it wouldn't be fascinating or i guess "cooler" than the one with romance in it. so ya, jack and rose arent real in the real story

Was the picture that jack drew of rose real on the titanic?

No it wasn't. The story of jack f and rose isn't even real.

Was the Titanic love story real?

No. Jack and Rose are fictional characters.

Is the story of Rose and Jack falling in love real or made up in titanic?


Is jack and rose really go on titanic?

jack and rose were not on the real titanic.

Was Titanic a real story?

The story of the sinking of the RMS Titanic on its maiden voyage is true, and many of the minor characters were based on real people. However, the love story between Jack and Rose is not true. Jack and Rose are fictional characters.

Were Jack and Rose real people or was this story fiction on the Titanic?

The characters of Jack and Rose were fictional, created to add a love story in a historical setting.

Is there a real romantic story on the real Titanic with Rose and Jack but Jack with another name?

No, the storyline was totally fabricated for the movie.

What happend to jack and rose from titanic?

They were fictional characters in the story and were never real people.

Was there a real rose and jack on board the titanic?

No. The characters of Jack and Rose were invented for the movie, to add a love story over an historical setting.

What was the real name of rose from titanic?

Rose and Jack were not real people

Is rose real from the Titanic and Jack?

No, Rose and Jack were fictional characters created foe James Cameron's Titanic.

What year did rose from the Titanic die?

This is Rose and Jack from Titanic we are real characters from the movie

What year did the real Rose from the titanic die?

Rose and Jack are NOT real characters

Were Jack and Rose real people?

No, Jack and Rose from Titanic (1997) are fictional characters.

What is the picture of the real Rose and Jack?

If you mean Rose and Jack from the Titanic, then there are no real pictures of them they are both fictional characters.

Was the titanic painting of rose real?

No. Jack and Rose are fictional characters.

Are jack and rose from titanic real people who survived?


How old is the real Rose in the real Titanic?

There is no real Rose. Rose Dewitt Bukater is a fictional character, as is Jack Dawson.

Is Rose a fictional character in the movie Titanic?

Yes, both Jack and Rose are fictional characters.though there wasa real jack dawson on titanic.

Why were Rose and Jack in the Titanic not real?

The actual sinking of a ship called Titanic occured; however the individuals of the movie Titanic - being Jack and Rose; never existed.