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Is the sun actually a star?

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Yes, it is. The sun is actually a star. It is the closest star to the earth.

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Yes our Sun is a star. Quite a normal star actually.

The sun is actually a star.

The sun is actually a main sequence star.

The sun is a star, the closest star to our earth. Indeed, our earth and the other planets of our solar system orbit the sun.

Sun is not a planet actually. It is a star.

because the sun is actually a star

None of the planets are actually stars. The sun is the only star in our solar system.

The sun is actually a relatively large star, larger than about 95% of stars in our galaxy.

The sun is a star itself. The sun is actually a very small star. There are stars that are WAY bigger then the sun.Like the VY Canis majoris star. The sun is invisible compared to that super giant star.

That sounds like a description of the Sun. However, please note that our Sun is not "like" a star; it actually is a star.

Yes, the sun (also known as Sol) is the nearest star to earth. Its our solar systems star.

Our sun is actually a small star, tons of stars are way bigger than our sun. One. Each star is a sun.

because the light of stars travel and twinkles before our eyes,, :|Actually, the atmosphere's interference makes them look like they are twinkling, the light from the star is actually solid. Like our sun. Our sun is a star.

Our "sun" is a star, therefore you actually want to know what the biggest star is called. The biggest star we know of is VY Canis Majoris, the radius of this star is 1,800-2,100 times that of the (our) Sun.

The Sun was a star that actually formed the entire solar system.

Because the sun is actually a star. Planets by definition Orbit a star. The sun does not orbit anything and is a huge ball of mainly Hydrogen and Helium.

No, actually our Sun is in a rare singular star system.

It is not the biggest planet Jupiter is. The sun is actually a star

The sun is actually a star and the moon is a rough sphere of rock that the sun shines on. The moon doesn't actually create any light.

No. The sun is actually hotter than Betelgeuse, but much smaller.

The sun is actually not a very bright star. It is only a yellow which is the 3rd or 4th brightest type of star.

No, The sun is seen as a sun and not a star. Our sun is a star.

The closest star to the Earth is actually the sun, at 92,955,887.6 miles away on average.

No. The sun is actually in the top 5% of stars in terms of size.

No. The sun is actually larger than most stars, though it is within normal bounds.

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