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No. A nebula is a billion, if not more, times larger than our Sun

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Q: Is the sun bigger than a nebula?
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Related questions

Is Orion nebula bigger than the sun?


What is bigger a galaxy or a gaseous nebula?

A Galaxy is far bigger than a nebula.

What are some things bigger than the earth?

The universe, the crab nebula, the milky way, our solar system, our sun, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus are all bigger than the earth

Is the sun bigger than crab nebula?

No. The sun is much closer to the size of the star that exploded almost 1,000 years ago, whose expanding outer shell is seen today as the Crab Nebula.

Why galaxy bigger than nebula?

The galaxy contains the nebula.

Is the sun closer or farther to the earth than the Orion nebula?

Orion Nebula is much further from the earth than the Sun is.

Can a nebula be bigger than a star?

Yes. Stars form within a nebula.

Is a nebula bigger than a galaxy?

No, it's the opposite.

Is a galaxy cluster bigger than a nebula?


Is the solar system bigger than a nebula?

No. Most nebula are far larger than the solar system. Many of them are light years across!

Is a nebula bigger than a globular cluster?

I can't say yes, and I can't say no. The reason is because Nebulas can beenormous, it'sridiculous! But clusters are normally bigger than nebulas so on my opinion I'd say no. But if you are on a test or homework and nebula is bigger, then just go with that.

Is the sun bigger than the earth or the earth is bigger than the sun?

The Sun is much bigger than the Earth.

Is Earth bigger than the Sun?

No, the Earth is not bigger than the Sun. The Sun is 109x bigger than the Earth.

Which is biggest a planetary nebula a planetary system or a galaxy?

The galaxis are bigger than planetary nebulae, that are bigger than planetary systems.

How much bigger is the Earth than the sun?

The sun is bigger than the Earth. The sun is approximately 109 times bigger than Earth.

Star that is bigger than the sun and the earth?

The stars that are bigger than the sun and earth are the stars that are bigger than the sun and those stars are Sirius,Pollux and Arcturus

Is a galaxy bigger than a nebula?

Yes. A nebula is just a big gas cloud. A galaxy will contain many nebulas.

How is the sun bigger than the Earth?

why is the sun bigger than earth

What is the biggest star you know about?

The largest star known to man is called the Pistol Star. It lies in the center of the Pistol Nebula in the Milky Way and is believed to be 100 times bigger than the sun.

Name a star bigger than the sun?

Arcturus is bigger than the sun.

Are nebulaes in the solar system?

No. A nebula is generally much larger than a solar system. We believe that our sun and solar system came to be when a nebula collapsed under the influence of gravity, and the gas of the nebula became the Sun and our planets - and everything else.

Is the aerth bigggr than the sun are the sun is bigger than the aerth?

The sun is bigger than all the planets in the solar system.

Is start bigger than sun?

Their are some other stars bigger than the sun

Is neutron star bigger than nebula?

No. A neutron star is quite small, generally only a few miles across. A nebula is light years across.

Is sun bigger than star?

sun is also an average sized star. there are many stars bigger than sun and many are smaller than sun.