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No, the sun is much more bigger than the moon. four million times bigger.

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Q: Is the sun four thousand times bigger than the moon?
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When viewed from the moon the earth looks like it is about the same size as the moon when viewed from the earth Since it is at least four times bigger why doesn't the earth look four times bigger?

atmospheric illusion

What is lager than the moon and earth?

The earth is larger then the moon, it is roughly four times bigger then the moon.

How much bigger is earth from moon?

In diameter, about four times.

Which one is bigger the moon or the earth?

Earth is bigger - about 4 times the diameter of the Moon.

Which is bigger earth or the moon?

The Earth. The Earth is about 50 times bigger than the moon . ;]

How many times bigger is the sun than the moon?

400 times bigger

Is the sun bigger then the moon?

Yes, many times bigger.

Is a moon bigger than a cow?

Absolutely!! The moon is a million times bigger than a cow, if not much more!

How much bigger than the moon is the sun?

The Sun is about 400 times bigger than the Moon (if you compare the diameters).

Is earth bigger than the moon?

The earth is significantly larger than the moon.Yes. Much bigger. Earth is roughly 4 times the diameter, 50 times the volume, and 80 times the mass of the moon.

How many times the Earth is bigger then the Moon?

49 times

Is the moon or hallys commet bigger?

The Moon is bigger. It has a diameter of 2,159 miles (3,476 kilometers), which is about four times smaller than the diameter of Earth. Halley's Comet nucleus (the solid bit) is estimated to be approximately 5 miles by 9 miles.

Is the moon bigger than Russia?

yes its bigger than russia its 20 times bigger

Which is brighter -the full moon or the crescent moon?

The full moon can be a thousand times brighter than the crescent moon.

How many times bigger than the moon is the sun?

the moon is not bigger then the sun the sun is relly the biggest star but the moon is much smaller then the moon. did i answer your question yes or no pllz answer !

Is the sun bigger than the earth and the moon?

Yes. The sun's volume is times bigger than Earth's. The diameter of the Moon is 0.273 times the diameter of the Earth. The diameter of the Sun is 109 times that of the Earth

Is the moon bigger then earth?

The Earth is about 3.7 times larger than the Moon

How many times bigger is the diameter of the sun to the moon?

About 410 times.

How many times bigger is the earth than the moon?

49 times

How much bigger is earth to the moon?

moon is the 1/4 of the earth Also Earth is about 2,400,000,000, times bigger

How many suns can you fit into the moon?

The sun is over a million times bigger than the earth, and the earth is about 45 times bigger (by volume) than the moon. So you could not fit the sun into the moon.

What is the biggest planet Jupiter sun earth moon?

Only Jupiter and Earth are planets. The Sun is a star and The Moon is a "moon", which is an object that orbits a planet due to gravitational forces. However, if we were to list those four space objects by order of size, then the largest is The Sun then Jupiter then Earth and finally The Moon. Here is a size comparison: The Sun is 984 times bigger than Jupiter; Jupiter is 1300 times bigger than Earth; and Earth is 49 times the size of The Moon. This makes the Sun larger than Earth by 1,279,200 times! Quite humbling..

How many times moon is bigger than earth?

The moon(with a diameter of 3474 km) is not bigger than the earth, but about 4 times smaller than the earth(with a diameter of 12800 km).

Is the moon 100 times bigger than earth?

The Moon is about 3.7 times smaller than the Earth

How much larger is the sun compared to the moon?

the sun is 416 times bigger then the moon.