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At its center, the sun has a density of over 100 times that of water, a temperature of 10 to 20 million degrees Celsius, and a pressure of over 1 billion atmospheres. By contrast, the surface of the Sun is close to 5,785 kelvins (1/2350th of the core).

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Answer Lets put this into perspective....if the earth was only a mile closer to the sun, then we would not survive the heat. Answer Not true at all.... The Earth's orbit varies by as much as 2 million miles towards and away from the sun each and every year, so the above is totally bogus. We average 93 million miles away. The sun is very hot, anywhere from tens of thousands of degrees Fahrenheit at the surface, to millions of degrees in the core. For perspective; your oven and stove top range only make it to about 500 degrees or so.
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Q: Is the sun hot
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