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uh, they're the same..... ^-^



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V4 or V5. I really like V4 better than V6. I prefer V4. V4 has the most to do besides V5.

Depending on your Tamagotchi. If it is a v4 and up, than no. if not, i do not know.

At the tamagotchi bank.You might get it by getting more than 200 points.

you have to be a banker to do it

tamagotchi v4 can connect v4 and v4.5 tamagotchi v5 can connect v5 and v4.5 and tamagotchi v5 can NOT connect v6 sorry but with v4.5 u can do a lot of stuff! and theres your answer!

Unfortunately, no. Each tamagotchi version can only connect with one of its own, so a V5 can only connect to a V5, and a V4 can only connect to another V4.

Yes 2 tamagotchi v4 can mate, when adult.

Tamagotchi v4.5 is an upgraded version of v4 which I believe is very revealing and intrieving while v5 is a whole new set that has similar features to v3 combined with v4. In my opinion, I'd prefer v4.5.

You cannot. The only tamagotchi version that allows you to raise more than one character is the V5 and V5 Celebrity.

A Tamagotchi evolves over time. 1 day is 1 year. To find out what your Tamagotchi can evolve into, check my blog out: For the V4 evolution Chart go to:

Unfortunely not and i do not know why.

Tamagotchi v2 is just a plain circle.=Tamagotchi V3 has a stick on the opisit side of the chain.==Tamagotchi V4 same as V3 but the stick has a circle on it.==Tamagotchi V4.5 same as V4 but has a star at the end of the stick.==Tamagotchi V5 has a triangle at the end of the stick.=

You can play games , meet other tamagotchi's you can get your tamagotchi pregnant and basically just look after it :) And you can do over 10 diffrent jobs (new only on v4)

Buy a tamagotchi! ________________ I have posted a link under 'Related Links'.Mametchi_Lover63626

No they don't, V4 is very old. I will mostly reccomend Tamagotchi Tama-Go V7. The more you collect the figures, The more the games and shops you will get.

Well it's different for everyone it might range from (if you take good care of it) 6 days. Or if you don't have a lot of time for your tamagotchi v4 it will take a week to 8 days! You might here people talking about "De-buging" your tamagotchi v4 but it does not work so don't go around trying to do it! If you want you tamagotchi v4 to grow take really good care of it!!!!!!

I guess wait..... My tamagotchi v4 is doing that too!!!!!!!! try reseting the tamagotchi and then select restart and then when the egg appears press the A and C butten and set the date and time and birth date

It works the same as the other tamagotchis.

I dont know because i have a v4

For V4 yes but for V5 you don't have to. Hope this helped

No. Correction from Teri Tama: Actually it can. I had a V4 and my friend had a V2 and they connected succesfully.

I don't know what you mean because you must buy a tamagotchi V4 on the internet or at a store.

Means "personal computer" you type in ur user and the code you see on your tamagotchi then you will see your tamagotchi on the computer screen.

On your tamagotchi log in screen, just press "B" and type in the logout code.

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