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No, but check with the state authorities.

2006-08-15 23:32:15
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If your landlord lost your signed lease and that was the only copy are you liable to stay in that apartment?

The landlord must give you a copy of your lease within 30 days. There is usually a paper you both sign saying you received it. If it is lost you are not liable to stay in the apartment. On the other hand, this also means the landlord can evict you or raise your rent on you without warning because of no proper documentation.

My landlord said that the tenants are responsible for getting an insurance policy to cover against storm damage, flooding, etc. Is that true or is the landlord liable for that kind of insurance?

This varies from landlord to landlord. If you are staying in full fledged apartment, the insurance will be taken care of by the apartment owner itself. otherwise if you staying in independant house, we have take care of insurance cover for strom damage, flooding.

Is an apartment complex liable for injuries that happen on their property?

Possibly. It depends whose fault it was. If the roof fell on the tenant's dog because of termite damage, the landlord is at fault. If the tenant fell off the roof while drunk, probably not.

Who is liable in the state of California for a the tree branch lands on your car while parked on the property of your apartment complex?

Your landlord's insurance should take care of it. Legally your landlord is liable as they own the tree and supposedly should have had it checked and trimmed to prevent that.

If you co-signed for an ex-girlfriend's apartment and she did not pay rent can you be held liable if the landlord sues you for breach of contract even though you did not live there?

Yes. The fact that you co-signed mandates your liability. It does not matter that you do not live in the apartment.

Who is liable for an accidental apartment fire?

If the accident was caused by the negligence of any party, then they are liable.

You said you would take a property and the lease was prepared but then 2weeks later you backed out and did not sign it Are you liable?

You will be held legally responsible for the lost rent on the apartment PROVIDED that the landlord makes a reasonable effort to re-rent the apartment. A reasonable effort would be considered running an ad in the newspaper, placing a Craigslist ad, posting the apartment on, etc. However, the landlord is not obligated to lower the rent or rent the apartment to tenants who do not meet the landlord's reasonable screening standards.

When is a tenant liable for repairs?

Check your state's landlord tenant laws. In some states the tenant is liable if they were aware of a problem and did not report it to the landlord, did nothing to prevent the problem or if they are responsible for causing the problem.

Are apartment landlords liable for mold and mildew removal?

Yes. An apartment must be habitable. You would likely only win the cost of relocating to a new apartment. Contact the local board of health. Take pictures of the mold and give the landlord a chance to clean it up. It is law that the building has to clean out all mold in living areas..

What happens when you break an apartment lease early?

You will be liable for the rent until the end of the lease, except if the landlord rents the apt. before that time. Some states may have their own laws on this, but in the state of IN. that is how it is suppose to work. The landlord is also suppose to make an effort to rent that particular apt. Jeanne

Who is liable for accidents in a rented property the property owner or the tenant?

Depends on why the accident happened and where. If the owner created a risk, then the landlord would be liable. If the tenant created the risk or failed to notify the owner of the risk, then the tenant may be liable, unless the accident happened outside of the area rented to the tenant (e.g., a common hallway in an apartment building would be the responsibility of the owner).

Is the landlord or tenant responsible for damage to camper trailer door caused by angry wife?

That would depend on who's angry wife your talking about. If the tenants wife damages your property or your landlords property then the tenants wife is liable for those damages. Due to the extension of common law you can also be held financially liable for actions of your spouse. The landlord would have no control over the tenants wife nor her actions and could not be held liable. If the Landlords wife came over and damaged your property or the landlords property then the Landlord and or the landlord wife would be financially liable.

Can a tenant hold a landlord liable if there is no contract in place?

Generally if there's no contract or lease, then the relationship is subject to standard Landlord-Tenancy laws in your state.

As a landlord can you rent to illegal immigrant?

I am the person posting question....Just found out that my leasee, without my prior knowledge, now has an illegal living in the apartment I intially rented to him. If I know about the status, am I financially liable as to being fined by US/or locals?

Can the landlord hold the minor liable for a blance on a lease if its broken?

No. A minor cannot be party to a contract.

Your motorcycle was stolen from your apartment and you have no insurancethe apartment has some responsability?

More than likely, the apartment complex will not be liable. This is probably stated in some paper work signed when moving in.Ê

Is a landlord liable for water damage to a tenant due to leaking water tank in the building?

Yes. Usually.

Who is responsible for a cooking fire landlord or tenant?

The tenant is liable. Thats a good reason to by renters insurance.

Do the landlord have responsibility for tenants' dog?

In the past, we would have said no. But, a recent Massachusetts case ruled that the landlord was liable for a vicious dog owned by the tenant who he knew was dangerous.

Can you break your lease if your landlord refuses to fix things?

Yes, you can break your lease if your landlord refuses to fix things, as long as this is specified in the lease. Your landlord is liable for keeping the home in working order and safe. Contact an attorney to help you with the lease.

Can landlord use home insurance claim if tenants wreck property?

If the tenant damages the property he is liable for such damages. The Landlord may or may not have his own insurance for this purpose but the tenant is liable. If the Tenant has his own insurance (Renter's Insurance) then the Tenant may file a claim and damages will be covered by that insurance.

If an outside pipe froze causing water to leak inside my storage room is my landlord liable for property damage in Minneapolis?

In a word.... YES...... Your landlord has a duty to not cause damage to the property of others

Is a tenant liable for rent if baggered by landlord?

Your question is not clear, is the landlord baggering you for the rent or is it in regards to something else? Is the rent late? Your rent is due every month (or week), regardless of landlord behavior. But the landlord cannot harass tenants, regardless of reason. They can evict for non-payment, following the procedures dictated by the laws in your state. That said, if the landlord is abusive they can be taken to a standard civil court.

Who is liable If a resident of an apartment complex damages their car while parking in the tenant's apartment parking area due to a broken concrete tire block with rebar sticking out?

The Apt. comp. is responsible!!!!!

You co-signed an apartment for a friend-he moved out before end of contract and found replacement-he has an addendum signed by the landlord showing that HE departed-are you still liable?

No ... you only co-signed for an individual, not a piece of property. When the friend departed the premises, your obligation as his/her co-signer also ended.