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The Undertaker is actually married with three children.


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Yes, the Undertaker is Michelle McCool's real-life boyfriend.

For the millionth time, no, the Undertaker is not dead.

No. Undertaker and Kane are in storyline but not in real life.

Is gimmic is portraying that he is a deadman but in real life he is alive

The Undertaker in real life.

NO they are not related in real life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

he is the strongest in the world

No, because Undertaker and Kane are not related in real life

The Undertaker is still alive, both in WWE-terms and in real life.

No :) Most of the wrestlers are good friends in real life.

" yes the undertaker is nice but not in the ring ,but there's a seacet that you don't know."

in wwe yes in real life no

Yes in real life they are

Yes at the moment but not in real life.

No, they are not related in real-life.

I don't know that's why I waiting to tell me

The actors who play the characters are not married

He is a nice guy who has a wife and kids

No they are not related in real life just in storyline!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In storyline they are but in real life they're not.

They aren't related in real life.

Yes. It was once said that The Undertaker has four fake brother's, and a fake storyline with kane having no brother's. So yes they are brother's in real life.

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