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typically.. right

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Q: Is the thread on the water fan clutch stud right hand or left hand?
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Is the crankshaft pulley bolt left hand or right hand thread?

Right hand thread

Is your lawn mower blade a left hand or right hand thread?

It is a right hand thread.

How do know on 1996 suburban 5.7 if the fan clutch nut is left hand threads or right hand threads?

The fan itself rotates CCW. The clutch nut is standard right hand thread, lefty loosey, righty tighty.

Are 1994 Mercedes C220 fan-clutch removal reverse thread or normal?

left hand thread

Mitsubishi gto crankshaft pulley is the bolt right or left hand thread?

Right hand thread

Are the threads on a fan clutch right handed threads or left handed threads for a 2003 jeep liberty sport 3.7?

Standard right hand thread.

How do you replace the water pump on jeep 5.2 engine is the nut that holds the fan clutch on right or left hand thread?

As you face the engine, you need to turn the nut in a counter-clockwise direction.

What does right handed thread mean?

it means the thread on the right hand side of the tire

Is the crankshaft bolt right or left hand thread on the 1992 MAZDA MX3 1.6l sohc?

Right hand thread

Is a Vn commadore tension pully left or right hand thread?

Worked it out, right hand thread, clockwise to undo it.

Is the bolt on wiper motor on 2004 Ford Freestar left hand thread or right hand thread?

Regular right hand thread to my knowledge, lefty-loosey, righty-tighty.

What is a right hand thread?

A right hand thread is one where a nut moves in the direction of the way the thumb points on your right hand if the nut is turned in the direction of the curl of the fingers (or the direction the fingers point) of your right hand. The same is true for a left hand thread using the left hand, of course.

Is the main crankshaft pulley bolt a left hand thread or right hand thread on a Isuzu big horn 3.1td year 1996?

More than likely it is right hand thread.

What is the difference between left hand thread and right hand thread?

in right hand threads th threads slope up vertically right n vice-vera for left hand..........

How do you get the fan clutch off of a 1999 gm safari to replace the water pump?

fan clutch screws off water pump fan pump has left hand thread so to remove you need to turn clockwise

How do you remove clutch fan from 1993 explorer?

to remove a clutch fan on a ford, you need special tools . also fan thread is left hand thread ,so you unscrew it clockwise

Does a crankshaft pulley the one that's on the bottom of the block on a 1993 2.4 frontera have a left hand thread or a right hand thread?

i am sure its left hand thread

How does the fan go in a F250 Ford 2000 diesel?

I think this one is left hand thread Nope it's regular right hand thread. If it's a 7.3L diesel also the 6.0L is also right hand thread and the 6.4L is a left hand thread. Only way it would be left hand thread is if it's stamped on the fan shroud. If nothing is stamped then regular right hand. Hope this helps Powerstroke57

1990 Chrysler lebaron is the serpentine belt tensioner bolt right or left hand thread?

The bolt holding the pulley to the tensioner arm is left hand thread. The nut holding the tensioner to the engine is right hand thread.

Is the thread on a 1996 BMW fan clutch stud right or left hand?

all BMW fan clutches are reverse thread, so that means you have to have a 1 1/4 in. wrench and hit it hard with a hammer to the right (facing engine) and it should break it loose.

Is the crank bolt on a 3l dodge motor right hand thread or left hand thread?

Righty tighty, lefty loosey.

Is the bolt holding the crank shaft pulley on Buick 3.8 Right or Left hand thread?

It is standard right hand thread. Righty tighty, lefty loosey.

How do you remove the fan clutch from 93 suburban theres no nut on shaft.?

the fan clutch is attached with one large nut that is part of the clutch assembly .NOTE the the cluth has LEFT HAND thread.

Is the bolt for the harmonic balancer on a Nissan 3.0L left or right hand thread?

The bolt is just a standard right hand thread. Just took one out of an '01 Xterra.

Does vs harmonic balance have left hand thread?

No, most are the standard right hand thread. Year, make, and engine info would help.