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The triceps brachii is an extensor. It is the large muscle on the back of the arm and is primarily the muscle used for extension of the elbow joint or straightening of the arm. The triceps is also an antagonist of the biceps and the brachialis muscles.

Triceps is not a flexor. It is extensor of the elbow joint.

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Q: Is the triceps muscle of the arm a flexor or an extensor?
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What is the difference between a flexor and an extensor?

A flexor muscle is when the arm bends and the extensor muscle is when the arm is relaxed.

Is the biceps brachii an extensor or flexor muscle?

It flexes the arm at the elbow.

What muscle bends the arm?

The muscle/muscles that bend your arms are called Flexor and Extensor.

Is one muscle needed to both bend and straighten the arm?

no it isnt because the arm is bent by the flexor muscles (mostly just the biceps), and straightened by the extensor muscles (ie. the triceps).

Why is only one muscle used to both bend and straighten your arm?

It isn't. The arm is bent by the flexor muscles (mostly just the biceps), and straightened by the extensor muscles (ie. the triceps).

What muscle straightens the arm?

The arm extensor is the triceps brachii. It is mainly the long head that straightens the arm.

Which muscle are you using when you straighten your arm?

Your triceps contracts and the biceps lengthens when you straighten your arm. Extensor is the muscle which contracts to straighten a limb.

What is the meaning of flexor?

A muscle which bends or flexes any part; as, the flexors of the arm or the hand; -- opposed to extensor.

How many muscles are in the tricep?

The tricpes brachii muscle is one muscle. It is an extensor muscle, meaning that it opens, or extends the arm from the shoulder (as opposed to the bicpes, which is a flexor muscle, that closes the arm.)

What is an antagonistic muscle to the triceps brachii?

the triceps is an extensor of your lower arm, so his antagonist in the muscle who's primary action is flexing, that is the biceps.Brachialis and biceps brachiiBiceps Brachii

Name 2 muscles on your arm?

I'll go you one further: Brachium - Upper part of arm * biceps brachii * brachialis * coracobrachialis * triceps brachii * anconeous * brachioradialis Antebrachium - Forearm * supinator * pronator teres * pronator quadratus * extensor carpi radialis longus * extensor carpi radialis brevis * extensor digitorum (communis) * extensor digiti minimi * extensor carpi ulnaris * extensor indicis * extensor pollicis longus * extensor pollicis brevis * flexor carpi radialis * flexor carpi ulnaris * flexor digitorum superficialis * flexor digitorum profundus * flexor pollicis longus * flexor pollicis brevis * flexor digiti minimi longus * flexor digiti minimi brevis * palmaris longus * abductor pollicis longus * abductor pollicis brevis * abductor digiti minimi * adductor pollicis * opponens pollicis * opponens digiti minimi * dorsal interossei * palmar interossei * lumbricals

Which muscle contracts to starighten your arm?

Straightening your arm at the elbow is called extension. Elbow extension is caused primarily by contracting the triceps brachii muscle, although the small anconeus muscle does play a role. Wrist extension is accomplished primarily by contracting the extensor carpi radialis & the extensor carpi ulnaris; but is also assisted by contracting the extensor digitorum, the extensor indicis, the extensor digiti minimi, the extensor pollicis brevis, & the extensor pollicis longus.

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