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Q: Is the type of government that is run by officials elected by the people called direct or limited democracy?
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What is a limited democracy?

A limited democracy is a form of government where the power of elected officials is constrained by a constitution or other form of legal framework. In this system, there are limits on the government's authority, and certain individual rights and freedoms are protected. This is in contrast to an absolute democracy, where there are no constraints on the government's power.

Is South Korea a limited or an unlimited government?

South Korea has a LIMITED GOVERNMENT, because the elected officials are subject to the rule of law.

Is democracy a unlimited or limited government?

WE have a limited government

Is constitutional democracy limited or unlimited government?

Limited government

Is direct democracy a limited or unlimited government?

WE have a limited government

What is the type of government in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong's government is a limited democracy.

Is a constitutional democracy a limited or unlimited government?

A constitutional democracy is limited.

Is constitutional democracy limited or unlimited?

Limited government

What is vibrant democracy?

limited government

Is Direct Democracy an unlimited government?

no it is a limited government.

Why does the US have a limited democratic government?

A true democracy would involve a notionwide vote on every issue, thats why we have they elected presadent and congress to do it for us.

Is representative democracy a limited or unlimited government?

The traditional assumption about democracy is that it imposes strict checks on arbitrary power. Therefore, representative democracy should be, in theory, a limited government.