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How much an undertaker makes in a year, is an answer the undertaker will take to the grave!

after the Royal Rumble about the same time as last year

No. She will not get married next year

I dont think so and I hope he doesnt.

undertaker never retired

he hasn't retired yet he's out with an injury and won't be back until early next year

The undertakers birthday is on the 24th of march and this year he is going to be 44 years old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

no he is going to suisun next year

Undertaker joined WWE in the year 1990

i heard that it was going to be but not sure

Yes there will be a new sequel next year Yes there will be a new sequel next year Yes there will be a new sequel next year

No they are not but they are going next year and they are going to be the 2010 NBA Champions

Willow Smith is going into 6th grade next year this year she is in 5th grade.

This year will be number 18 for the Undertaker.

Obama will be in coffin next year 3 feets under ground

St pauls in Winnipeg Manitoba That's wrong. He is going to be a junior next year at Thousand Oaks High school

Well I think this girl is 6th grade which now she is going on to 7th grade! And she is going to be in Video Production next year!! But I have a girl friend which she is going to 8th grade next year with me!!

Yes, it will be released early next year.

Most likely, next year.

Yes it is going to be released next year

The Undertaker born in March 24, 1965

Undertaker won the Royal Rumble in 2007

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