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Is the water pump quad located on the back of the engine and how hard is it to replace on a 1991 Buick Skylark?


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Just replaced the pump on my 95 Skylark Quad 4. After removing it I would first

remove the exhaust manifold. I could not find another way to get everything out after unbolting everything and it makes it ten times easier to remove the bolts and see. Look at a picture of the pump on line and you will see there are three bolts that hold it to the front of the engine 13mm box-end wrench remove (they are studs with nuts). There are also two holding it to the block behind the pump housing at 90 deg (10mm socket) then remove the two thermostat pipe bolts (8mm socket). There is a pipe out of the back of the pump that goes to the heater core it is attached with a bracket to the transmission housing (15mm socket and a large breaker bar it's tight!) I had to bend the bracket up out of the way to get the pump to come straight back. Remove and disassemble the pump from the housing.

Use a good stick gasket sealer when reassembling, especially the block and pump gasket I had to tighten the three pump nuts down to get the other two to line up.

MAKE sure that the pump goes into the front housing lining up the splines might take a try or two. Drill a 1/16 diameter in the thermostat lip where the gasket won't cover it, it helps get the air out of the system when refilling, thermostat goes pointy side down it to the pipe.


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